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Mar 22, 2010

Pitch the LAMB: Coming-of-Age Movie

I do my best to participate in the LAMB's events (one could argue that I DEFINITELY SHOULD NO MATTER WHAT, but between X and Y and Z and sometimes D, it just ain't possible). Anyway, this one - inspired by Piper's old Plot Farms and revived by CS of Big Thoughts From A Small Mind is a creative one that inspires people to post something on their site, and better yet, there's not a whole lotta rules, so I can be as lazy as I wanna be (with thanks to 2 Live Crew).

Did I do enough linking there? Want more? Don't tempt me...

Anyway, here are the few guidelines this time around:

The Genre: Coming-of-Age

The Examples of the Genre: The Graduate, Zombieland, Almost Famous, The Goonies, Big, Heavenly Creatures, Rushmore, Sixteen Candles, Stand By Me, An Education, Ghost World, To Sir With Love, Y tu mamá también, But I'm A Cheerleader, Dazed and Confused

The 10 words/phrases to get you started:
  1. Working
  2. He's going to kill you...
  3. Loner
  4. She does not know I am alive...
  5. Hey Frankie...
  6. Kissed
  7. Do not tell Dad...
  8. Virginity
  9. You did what?
  10. Grounded
The Job: to come up with an idea for a film using some of the words/phrases listed above. Once you have a plot idea, post it on your blog in any fashion you choose (e.g. plot synopsis, excerpt of a script, fictional trailer, fictional film review, movie poster, etc.) and email the link to bigthoughtssmallmind@hotmail.com. Simple as that! The deadline for submissions is Tuesday March 30, 2010.

Got all that? My preference, as it was with the Plot Farms, is for folks to have to use all 10 words/phrases in their story ideas. Like forced creativity mixed with stifled creativity...or something like that. How will different people work the same ideas into different stories - that's what I want to see. Though I'm no rulemaker, I will enforce said fake rule upon myself. Without further ado:

The Title: You Did What?
The Pitch: Mitch Montgomery, 15 and like most boys his age, was always trying to get noticed. Pranks, mischief, tomfoolery - these were not just funny words to him, but a way of life. Naturally, this caused some trouble at home, where he was always begging his older sister Felicia to "not tell Dad" about that mailbox he bashed with a baseball bat or his plan to escape history class with the aid of some homemade laughing gas.

However, the most recent exclamation from Felicia of "He's going to kill you!" had nothing to do with their hard-working electrician father, but instead with Mitch's latest hare-brained scheme. No, this one was intended to get the attention of the 9th grade's most beautiful girl that no one seemed to notice but him, the bespectacled, demure Jordan Parks. "She doesn't even know that I'm alive!" said Mitch, in a futile attempt to explain his predicament, which had him volunteering as an aide to a David Blaine-ish illusionist touring his way around the country, the wildly-annoying-to-anyone-over-16 Franklin Guerrero, fresh from his hit MTV magic/reality show, "Hey Frankie!" Mitch had put himself in a position to get grounded...literally, as Frankie would be burying him alive as a part of a lavish ruse meant to make the world think Mitch was dead, only to save him at the last second.

Will Mitch emerge triumphant and see his virginity kissed goodbye...or be doomed to a dirt nap?

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Reel Whore said...

Spanky pitch. I think it's time I finally rejoin the frequent participators of the LAMB.