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Mar 26, 2010

LOST - Richard Alpert Episode

Sorry for the late posting this week boys and girls, been a busy week, didn’t get around to watching the episode until today. Also, I of course did not want to step on the Blog Cabins crown jewel, the weekly Survivor running diary. Anyway, as for this week’s Lost episode, I was pleasantly surprised with the ep, and hope this is a movement back to the high quality we’ve seen in seasons past. So here are some notes on the long awaited Richard Alpert episode:

- I think one of the main reasons this episode was so enjoyable was because it was an uninterrupted flashback, usually they reserve these babies for Dez (sigh… Dez), but it was nice to just be able to watch an episode without constant switching to an unrelated story with random retarded cameos and nonsensical plots.

- This episode didn’t really reveal any great mysteries, we already knew Richard came as a slave on the back rock, Jacob had made him immortal, and that the “Man in Black” couldn’t act, but it was still a good watch

- It was good to see them bring up the Island is hell theory again, with MiB telling Rich that Jake was the devil, the purgatory angle was the theory du’jour for the first few seasons until the producers refuted it, and of course has been introduced on the Island when the original Sawyer said that it “felt a little hot to be heavan”

- The main focus for the final season seems to be the mystery of who is on the right side, as they are deliberately leaving it ambiguous who is good and evil between Jacob and Smoke Monster, and their respective teams. I’m still holding out hope for a battle royal in the conclusion. And if you want my opinion, I’d side with Smokey, Charles Widmore is trying to kill him, and that guy has never been on the right side of anything.

- Those Lost writers sure do love tearful reunions between long suffering separated lovers. Obviously they peaked in “the Constant”, I’ll admit it got a little dusty when I watched that scene, but Richard Alpert’s ghost wife talking to him for the first time in 300 years was pretty good too. I doubt if the Jin/Sun reunion will live up though, they should kill off Sun and have Jin go rogue.

- So Ilyana is supposed to protect the six candidates, did we get a definitive answer on who the 6 are? Jack, Hugo, and one of the Kwons are confirmed. MiB told Sawyer he was one, I think Kate is one? Was Locke a candidate? Otherwise who is the sixth?

- Also old MiB said he would kill whoever replaced Jacob in his quest to get off the Island. Can’t he just go smokey and ice the Oceanic 6, or do the same rules apply to them as Jake, and he has to find a “loophole”?

- I guess it’s a little late in the game to give Alpert another flashback, but I wonder what he’s been up to in his 300 years on the Island, how long did he wander around by himself until the next ship got wrecked and he formed up the Others? And sure he was still in love with his wife, but did he ever get drunk on that Island wine and wake up next to some hot young Other thing (300 years without a woman is a long time)? Did he, Jake, and Mib ever hang out and cruise the Island?

Good ep this week, so until next time… I missed the previews, but I’m guessing next week we’re on the other side of the Island, probably stuck with a Jin episode, if it was up to me, I’d go with Widmore though…

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JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

The 6 candidates:

Kate is not a candidate, per the caves ceiling. Also, in this last episode Ilyana inferred that Sun was the Kwon candidate.

Nick said...

I really enjoyed this episode as well, but when did Alpert say he'd come in as a slave on the Black Rock ship? I must have missed that (or just forgotten it)... because I thought that was brand new information.

David Bishop said...

Any Buffy fans notice the connection between the hellmouth and the whole Island is a cork for a bottled up evil thing on Lost?

Nick said...

I was a Buffy fan... but I didn't make that connection. Though maybe cuz it's been too long since I've watched Buffy.

Fletch said...

Nick - Alpert never said he'd come as a slave, but just a couple eps back, when he went to the Black Rock to off himself, the way he looked at and held the chains was a dead giveaway.

They definitely left a large gap in the whole "what's Dick been up to?" story, but I don't think we're going to get an answer to that. Love the point about the wine and cruising w/ Jake and Smokey, though. They probably had some good times.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

Buffy fans? WHAT?

Kansas was the smoke monster too, and we see how that ended when they ran into the powerhouse N Iowa. I guess Rose or Bernard will take out "Smokey".

Thisguyoverhere said...

Sayid's name was on the cave wall... someone said that already.

Um... yeah, this episode was an interesting one and I'm getting nervous for how they're going to wrap up all this series in a handful of episodes. I get the feeling they're going to tie it back into the pilot episode somehow.