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Jan 22, 2010

TGITDNMAR (1/22/10)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

I suspect collusion. The various studios releasing films this weekend (Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, and CBS Films) present to you an excellent case of counter-programming this weekend. We have one kiddie film, one adult drama, and one aimed directly at the lifeblood of their industry (most of the time), teenage boys. Unfortunately, not a single one of them looks halfway decent.

Of course, if Hollywood were so smart, would they really have had back-to-back weeks of religious-themed actioners? I think not.

The red-band trailer is practically infamous at this point, not only for its length (over give minutes) but for the elderly woman behind the counter in a small town and the more-than-apparent death of one of the main characters. Oops. I have a hard time deciding whether or not I think this looks like a rollicking good time or absolute shite. Instincts tell me that the overtones are likely to lead it towards the latter, but that may just be because I'm out of the demographic.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 34%

Extraordinary Measures
What happens when you put two bland leading men (sorry, my youth tells me that I love Harrison Ford, but let's face it, short of his iconic characters, he's a pretty boring leading man) together with a bland title, all from a bland network/studio (CBS)? Obviously, you get an exciting thriller that will have you shaking in your seat.

Or perhaps not. CBS Films should have yanked its name from the title cards. The events that come after in the trailer already scream "TV movie" loudly enough - having coming from a TV network's movie studio arm doesn't do much to make me think this wasn't intended for the small screen initially. Shouldn't this be a Hallmark Hall of Fame production?
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 10%

Tooth Fairy
I said in a recent LAMBcast that it appeared as though Gerard Butler, he of The Ugly Truth, Gamer, and Law-Abiding Citizen "fame," was seemingly out to sabotage his own career, what with the awful choices he's made since starring in 300. Perhaps he has a wager with Dwayne Johnson to see who can oust themselves from A-list status (or at least B+) faster, since Johnson's list of credits over the past few years reads a lot like Eddie Murphy's, though I suppose the box office receipts might look a bit better for the former Rock. The Game Plan, Planet 51, Race to Witch Mountain, Southland Tales, Doom, and Get Smart. Outside of my irrational love for Southland, I don't think there's a single film in there that anyone would claim to love, though I suppose Get Smart went over pretty well (I thought it pretty bad).

On to that pile of rubble he can now add Tooth Fairy, which seems like a joke of a movie if ever there was one. Making an Easter Bunny joke is too obvious, right? What if I were to say that I'd rather have my wisdom teeth pulled again than watch Tooth Fairy?

Thankfully (!), he appears to have at least one non-kiddie fare flick on the horizon, in the form of the next Will Ferrell/Adam McKay joint, The Other Guys, which co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Samuel L. Jackson. Hits theaters later this year.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 0%

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TJMAC510 said...

Yeah its gonna be hard to pick what movie to see this weekend. Legion doesn't look that bad. A bit over the top (Dennis Quaid vs God?) and it already screams stereotypical horror (the lines) but it cant be THAT bad. Remember the Reaping?

Extraordinary Measures? BOOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!! I feel like if I see it I'll doze off ten minutes into it.

and Tooth Fairy shouldn't exist...period

PS: I'd say something to defend Butler but like Nick's love of Ben Foster, I'm a bit bias.

Nick said...

Travis: The difference there is that, generally, Ben Foster is actually a really good actor :P .

(No, I'm not a Butler hater. I just think Butler and Foster are on two different levels).

As for Legion, I thought I'd really like it. Turns out, I didn't. Check my review to see why :P .

Fletch said...

Travis - I already saw that you've seen the first two. Admit it, it's only a matter of time before you head out to see Tooth Fairy. I expect a full report. :D

And I'm gonna have to agree with Nick; it's not that I dislike Butler, but his choices are awful and he's nowhere near the actor Foster is.

Apropos of nothing, one of these days I'm gonna take a look back at all of my percentages given and see how good I am at guessing/following through.