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Jan 7, 2010

Imagining more sequels that will never happen...

(For past installments of this feature, click here.)

The setup: It's a favorite pastime of mine to come up with sequel names for movies that will either never be made due to performance, critical response, or just because of their subject matter. Apply a healthy dose of massively awesome MS Paint Skillz™ and voila! Anyway, here's the latest batch:

They couldn't make up their mind, so I made it up for them.

At some point in the sequel chain, Michael Keaton will begin to get upset.

This is for the two people out there that will get this.

You stay alive! No matter what occurs...I will find you!

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THN said...

Young Fletcherson. Forgive me if this has already been found by you. But in honor of his birthday.


Daniel Getahun said...

Drawing a blank on the Amreeka sequel...?

I wanted to be the third person who go it. ;-)

Fletch said...

Not found by me, but sent to me last week. Treeemendous. Though I wasn't aware that today was Nic's birthday...I might have to do something special later.

Daniel - The fact that you know that it was meant to be a sequel to Amreeka means that you're more than halfway there already.

It's supposed to be Canada. :D

Daniel Getahun said...

Ha, now it seems really obvious looking at it.

By the way, that one is a dead match for the font.

Nick said...

I knew it was meant to be Canada, but I didn't know it was Amreeka (not sure I've even heard of that).

Fletch said...

Dan - thank you, sir. I do my best.

Nick - yeah, it's a pretty small film. So long as it amuses me, that's all that matters. :P