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Dec 18, 2009

TGITDNMAR (12/18/09)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

I don't know about you, but I ain't never heard of this movie. Character study?

I'll see this, and I'll see it in 3-D since that's the only way it seems to be worth seeing it, but I'm gonna feel dirty while doing so. In the poll that's live right now, my vote is easily "It looks pretty dumb but curiousity and/or peer pressure (water coolerness) will overcome me." This is a case where I feel 100% manipulated by hype and buzz and James Cameron's ego into seeing this revolutionary picture that MUST BE SEEN. Being a film geek/movie blogger, I can't/don't want to be out of the loop, whether it lives up to the hype or not. (Of which I think it can't possibly do; who sets the level of expectation bar so high for their movie? What a dumb idea.)
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 91%

Did You Hear About the Morgans?
This is apropos of nothing, but I feel like she could be starring in this anyway (and was surely considered), so I'm going to go on a little Sandra Bullock rant right now:

Sandra Bullock seems to be having quite the year. Two hit movies. Oscar buzz for The Blind Side. The current cover of Entertainment Weekly which sums up those accolades I just mentioned. Only...

Gimme a break. The Proposal was certainly a hit, but let's be honest - $169 million isn't to Hollywood in 2009 what is was in 1985. It currently ranks 11th for 2009, and is sure to be pushed down further (by Avatar and others, for starters). Also, it happened to co-star someone that I think is a bigger star than her at this point, namely Ryan Reynolds. So sure, it's a hit, but I guess I'm just not willing to give her that much credit. The Blind Side - all hers; though I've not seen it, it appears as though it's a star vehicle for her. But you know what else was? All About Steve. Oh, did you forget about that one? I wouldn't be surprised - it seems as though everyone else has. Another star vehicle, only that one was a stinkbomb that made $33 million. So can the "Bullock is a golden lady in 2009" talk, will ya? She got lucky twice, but that still doesn't erase the trail of bombs shackled to her like Jacob Marley's chains (Premonition, The Lake House...).

Anyway, this Morgans p.o.s. Shocking news for you: it's directed by the guy responsible for Miss Congeniality and Two Weeks Notice. You're stunned, right? I can't believe that Sam Elliott needs the money that badly. Just say no, Sam, and have yourself a Banquet Beer.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 0%

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Justin said...

Man is your world about to be rocked... Avatar was absolutely amazing!

Nick said...

I concur with Justin.

Daniel Getahun said...

Not sure if you've seen Avatar yet, and I know you're skeptical, Fletch. And you know that I'm not that easily bowled over. But, well, by my account he backed up his claim - it's a game-changer. Takes a little while to sink in, but it's a game-changer. I would say the worst parts of Avatar are as good as if not better than the best parts in the LOTR films, visually speaking.

Reel Whore said...

Here here on Sandra Bullock Fletch. Also, I'm glad you're also offended Elliott needed the money to do Morgans.

As for Avatar, I was and still am excited to see it. But the hype is killing me! The cake-taker for me was seeing it nominated for a Golden Globe. Seriously? Maybe it's that damn good and I shouldn't don my hatin' hat just yet. I definitely feel Avatarded thanks to the incessant media blitz surrounding it.

On a different note, I watched George C. Scott's Christmas Carol. Thanks for the recommendation. I really enjoyed it.

Fletch said...

Justin - I can't tell if you're being serious or adding to the hyperbole...

Nick - I know you're being serious.

Daniel - Nope, have not seen it yet. Will do this week sometime, for sure.

RW - Excellent! So glad you liked it. My viewing is scheduled for later this week, along with Charlie Brown, Rudolph, maybe some Muppets...and no, we don't have kids. ;)

Justin said...

I couldn't be more serious - -

The debate inside my head is about how high to truly rank it in the grand scheme of things. But even after seeing it a couple days ago, I can still remember the way I felt while learning about Pandora at the same time as Jake Sully. It sounds elementary, I know, but dammit if Cameron didn't create an amazingly original work of art in AVATAR.

Could not agree more with the LOTR sentiment by my fellow reader. I don't think I was ever "blown away" by Jackson's epic, and while very good, I have actually yet to view them a second time (Even though I own them!) just because I don't really care to. I wanted to watch AVATAR again immediately after it finished, but only if I could get some Advil first to clear up the headache I got from almost three hours of 3-D (totally worth it though).

Fletch said...

Justin - Ok, just checking. You'll be glad to hear that I'm seeing it tonight, in 3-D of course.

And thanks for the heads up on the aspirin. We'll be bringing that, along with some Dramamine for Mrs. Fletch. I'm guessing it'll be kinda high on the Dramamine Scale...