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Oct 13, 2009

Tuesday's new game...not yet

I'm having a terrible time coming up with a fun, new game to replace Tuesday's Twelve Tags. It has to be something with the following attributes:

* Google-proof
* Fun
* Not too easy and not too hard
* Not likely to be won with a single comment (I want it to be inclusive)
* Can't involve extensive Photoshop/MS Paint work

I'd probably like it to involve either posters or themes or other general randomness not likely to be solved via search engine, but it could be anything.

I'm not asking for suggestions, just letting you know where my head's at and that I'm not neglecting this. I'd thought of turning The Great Movie Poster Piece Contest into a new weekly game, but I don't like that I'd have to have the answers emailed to me. Still might - not sure.

In the meantime, I thought I'd give you this: below is a prop that can be seen in a well-known film. What's the film?

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Nick said...

Here's something kinda weird... maybe too easy, though... if you do a vague one-line plot synopsis (in your own words and super-basic) and we have to guess what movies they are.

Fletch said...

I love it. You've given me an awesome idea.

Nick said...

Sweet. I was watching "Who wants to be a millionaire?" a while ago, and they had a category called "80s movies." One of the times they gave a rough one-line synopsis, and the person had to guess the movie. It was easy though (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). But it gave me the idea, so I'd thought I'd pass it on.

Alex said...

The painting is from Amelie, done by the artist Michael Sowa. I really like his stuff!

Fletch said...

Well, it's about time! Nice job, Alex. You win brownie points. His stuff (at least the stuff featured in the movie) is great.