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Oct 5, 2009

TGITDNMAR (uh, 10/2/09)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

Five major new releases (though good luck finding A Serious Man playing anywhere near you if you don't live in Minnesota). I don't know that anyone was exactly clamoring for this to come a few days late, but I promised, so here it be:

This doesn't seem like the tpye of movie to be open to vast in-depth analysis, but you know what? Ok, I don't have any either. Everyone knows going in that it's the spiritual sequel to Shaun of the Dead, so why bother running from it? It looks like a fun romp (and every review I've seen thus far seems to echo that sentiment) with a handful of likable movie stars, albeit an eclectic grouping. I'm down for it; Mrs. Fletch, not so much.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 39%

A Serious Man
Trailer of the year by far, right? Only the Coens would take their MOST PERSONAL FILM, a Midwestern black comedy period piece, and give us a trailer that employs repetitive edits and sound loops to engage us. Of course, it worked. Also, who else could make a movie where the most known actor is Spin City vet Richard Kind and turn it into a must see?
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 80% (eventually)

Whip It
Did you ever wake up in the morning and think to yourself, "God, I just wish Drew Barrymore would go ahead and direct a film already! I'm dying to see what she comes up with!" No, me neither.

I'll give her credit for putting together an interesting cast (Ellen Page, Kristin Wiig, Eve, herself, uh...Juliette Lewis, the other Wilson brother, and that lovable scamp Jimmy Fallon), but where the hell is her old boyfriend Mac (Justin Long)?
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 2%

The Invention of Lying
Seen it. Review coming later this week. See if if you're a fellow heathen and wish to support another heathen (Gervais); otherwise, feel free to skip. You won't be missing much.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 100%

Capitalism: A Love Story
Seen it. Review already came.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 100%

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Big Mike Mendez said...

I love this time of year, baseball playoffs, sweaters and scarves and tons of new movies rolling out every week.

Moviezzz said...

I think you are missing out with WHIP IT, one of the better (and better reviewed) films of the year.

In fact, after seeing it, I really would think "God, I just wish Drew Barrymore would go ahead and direct a(nother) film already! I'm dying to see what she comes up with!"

Nick said...

You should totally see Zombieland. I *loved* it. Drag Mrs. Fletch if you must.

(Sorry, Mrs. Fletch).


Best cameo of all time in ZOMBIELAND. If that ain't worth $10, I don't know what is.

Kyle said...

Zombieland is terrific. My fiancee actually loved it, too, so Mrs. Fletch might enjoy it. Like Shaun of the Dead, it's a love story wrapped in the zombie genre essentially.

Fletch said...

Moviezzz - I'm gonna have to take your word on Whip It and remain closed-minded. The thought of a roller derby movie just doesn't sound appealing to me at all. Perhaps I'll catch it one day on cable and agree with you then.

On the other hand - Nick, Joseph, Kyle - I'm seeing Zombieland in approximately 5 hours. Looking forward to the mystery cameo intensely. Disappointed that I've heard the flick's only 80 minutes or so. Oh well - better to be really good for a short period of time than meh for an extremely long one (I'm looking at you, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3).