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Oct 27, 2009

The Dude That Does Stuff Movie Plot Game #3

Last Week's Results: Myherobobhope and Nic Cage finished in a tie with 4 flicks each.

The concept is overwhelmingly simple; below are 15 movie plots (10 wasn't enough, 20 is too many), torn down to their basest base (and invariably involving the words "dude" and/or "stuff"). All you must do is name the film. 1 point per correct answer; he/she with the most points wins. Google to your heart's content; it will do you no good. Many films might match the plots you see below, but there is only one correct answer, and that's the one that's in my head when I write it.

Have fun with this stuff, dudes and dudettes. The difficulty level for this edition has been set to "pretty damn easy," with maybe a wild card or two thrown in for gits and shiggles.

1. Dude looks for shiny old stuff.
2. The place where dudes and dudettes sell stuff is closing. Sad/funny stuff ensues.
3. One dude sells good stuff. His dad hides stuff, then does bad stuff.
4. Dude is good at hitting stuff a long ways.
5. Dudes walk and stuff.
6. Dude lost some really important stuff. Really important stuff.
7. Dude tries to sell stuff but sucks at it.
8. Dude wants his money back. Will do any stuff necessary to get it.
9. Dude likes a dudette who can't remember stuff.
10. Dude learns that all of the stuff he knows is a lie.
11. Dude wasn't even supposed to do stuff today.
12. Dude doesn't want your life.
13. Dude gets woken up. Is all pissy about it.
14. Dude likes his stuff shaken.
15. Dude has never done stuff.

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck.

BD79 - 1
Myherobobhope, Nic Cage - .5

Correct answers so far:
1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (Friend Mouse)
2. Empire Records (Myherobobhope)
3. American Beauty (Myherobobhope)
4. Happy Gilmore (Myherobobhope)
5. Gerry (Bob Turnbull)
7. The Pursuit of Happyness (Steve)
8. Payback (Myherobobhope)
9. 50 First Dates (Myherobobhope)
10. The Truman Show (Wendymoon)
11. Clerks (Myherobobhope)
12. Varsity Blues (Myherobobhope)
13. The Mummy (TheAnswerMVP2001)
14. Die Another Day (Jason Soto)
15. The 40 Year Old Virgin (smacdonn)

26 people have chosen wisely: on "The Dude That Does Stuff Movie Plot Game #3"

Myherobobhope said...

1. City Slickers 2: The Search for Curlie’s Gold
2. Empire Records
3. American Beauty

Myherobobhope said...

4. Happy Gilmore
9. 50 First Dates
10. The Matrix
11. Clerks
12. Varsity Blues

Myherobobhope said...

7. Tommy Boy
8. Payback

Off to take a final, so this is my only shot at winning this thing.

smacdonn said...

5. Lord of the Rings
14. James Bond
15. The 40 Year Old Virgin

Fletch said...

Wow, hope. I guess these were easier than even I thought. You tore it up...though even with smacdonn's 1 correct guess (sorry, that ain't gonna work for #14), there are 7 left.

Didn't even realize I had 2 Sandler flicks in here. Boo me.

Wendymoon said...

1. National Treasure
5. Zoolander
10. Truman Show
14. Goldfinger

I'm totally guessing.

Friend Mouse said...

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
5. Stand By Me
6. The Truman Show

TheAnswerMVP2001 said...

13. The Mummy
14. Casino Royale

Nick said...

6. Pulp Fiction?
7. The Goods?
13. Godzilla?
14. Has to be one of the many Bond movies.

Fletch said...

Wendy - 1/4

Friend Mouse - 1/3 (I assume your Truman Show guess was for #10, but it had already been gotten)

TheAnswerMVP2001 - 1/2. I'm noticing a trend here, maybe? ;)

Nick - you killed the trend. You were supposed to guess just one, but get it right. Instead, I have a nice 0/4 for you.

Myherobobhope said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bob Turnbull said...

5. Gerry
7. Salesman
14. Dr. No

Geez, I didn't even have a chance...

Steve said...

5. Gerry
7. Pursuit of Happiness
14. Goldfinger

Fletch said...

Bob nails #5. I wasn't sure if anyone would get that one. #6 is still up for grabs, though. I don't think it's quite as hard, but it's a tough one (and a stupid movie).

No dice yet on the Bond guesses. Trust me, it's not a moving target. I decided on just one of them.

Univarn said...

Well since it's pointless and I'm bored I'll take some long shots:

6. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

14. ummm might as well go with my favorite one: From Russia With Love.

Jason Soto said...

6. Repo Man
14. Don't get mad but I went and used Google to see when the phrase first appeared and it was first used in "Goldfinger" which I see was guessed. So reading further I'm gonna have to say "Die Another Day".

Fletch said...

Jason - Google is your friend (in this case). Die Another Day it is.

Only one left. I'll wait until tomorrow, then spill the beans.

Steve said...

I'm still gonna take credit for Gerry - Rob must have posted that answer while I was writing mine.

Jason Soto said...

How about for 6, Kangaroo Jack?

Bob Turnbull said...

"I'm still gonna take credit for Gerry - Rob must have posted that answer while I was writing mine."

Which means that while I was writing mine, you hadn't even thought of it yet.


Fletch said...

Number 6 was...


Medicine Man

Jason Soto said...

Really? All I remember from Medicine Man was Sean Connery and the therapist chick from The Sorpranos in the jungle and it rained a lot. That's about it. So who lost what where and how and why and stuff?

Fletch said...

It's been forever since I've seen Medicine Man, but I remember lol-ing at the trailer, where Connery shrieked "I've found the cure for the plague of the 21st century...and I've lost it!!" I thought it was an awful flick....though of course, his hair looked great.