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Sep 1, 2009

Tuesday's Twelve Tags #35

Last week's winner: BD79, with 7.5 points.
The theme: All of the films featured an actor or actress who starred in a television show created by Aaron Sorkin. (BD79)

Here's the new dozen. The rules are simple: I'm going to give you a dozen taglines, all you have to do is name as many flicks that they belong to as you can. One point per tag. Try to resist the Google. Get the most points and you win. There will always be a theme(s), though it's point worth will vary according to how difficult I think it is. Additionally, I may split the taglines into two or three groups, each with their own themes.

Group 1
1. An American legend comes to life
2. Her own life is her greatest inspiration.
3. The true story of a crime that shocked a nation.
4. Come and Get Some
5. You are about to enter a world where the unexpected, the unknown, and the unbelievable meet.
6. When it comes to getting dumped... He wrote the book.
Theme value: 6.5 points

Group 2
7. One Man's Struggle To Take It Easy
9. A new level of fear.
10. The call of the wild, the thrill of adventure. The mistake of a lifetime.
11. This October, fall in love with fate.
12. They're on a mission without permission.
Theme value: 6.5 points

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck.

Justin - 10
Nick - 5.5
Jess - 4
BD79 - 3.5
J.D. - 2.5
Shane, Jason Soto - 2
Sea_of_Green, Kyle, Nic Cage - 1
Dead Pan - .5

Correct answers so far:
Group 1
1. Pocahontas (Justin)
2. Becoming Jane (Justin)
3. Heavenly Creatures (Justin)
4. Superbad (Justin)
5. Dune (Justin)
6. Breakin' All the Rules (Justin)

Group 2
7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Justin)
8. The Omen (Justin)
9. P2 (Justin)
10. Without a Paddle (Justin)
11. Bounce (Justin)
12. Catch That Kid (Justin)
Theme: Each film features a rottweiler. (BD79)

11 people have chosen wisely: on "Tuesday's Twelve Tags #35"

Justin said...

1. Pocahontas
4. Superbad
5. Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
7. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
9. Jason X
10. Into the Wild
11. Serendipity

Nick said...

3. Dog Day Afternoon?

Justin said...

Got a couple more. . . just waiting on you to see if any of these are right.

2. Becoming Jane
6. Breakin all the Rules
8. The Omen
9. p2 - what a horrible name for a horror movie

Fletch said...

Apologies for the delay - Justin, you're mostly correct here.

Still 5 tags and two themes for the getting. Anyone's game; I might even up the theme value, as they appear to be stumpers.

Justin said...

Man You aren't kidding about those themes...

Got a couple more tags though

10. Without a paddle
11. Bounce
12. Catch that kid

Justin said...

Guess I'll take the last two tags then. . .

3 is Heavenly Creatures
5 is Dune - wow. . .

I still need a theme though to get this one. . . but I think I'm the only one trying!

bd79 said...

Group 2 Theme: Each movie has a scene involving a parking garage? (I've never seen The Omen)

Group 1 Theme: No idea.

bd79 said...

Actually, reading the plot summaries on Wikipedia, I'd say that Group 2 all involve a guard dog of some type, specifically a rottweiler.

Fletch said...

Nice sweep of the tags, Justin. Yeah, until BD piped up, I thought you might be the only one to score.

But then BD had to go and get the second theme, making this interesting again. Get the first theme and you'll win.

Fletch said...

Hint: Theme 1 is related to theme 2, in more ways than one (though there's no way you'd know the other way).

Justin said...

I could not be more lost. . .