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Aug 25, 2009

Tuesday's Twelve Tags #34 - The Rambler Edition

Greetings all - - -

This is Justin, (or in the blogger world, The Rambler) the resident winner of this here game of Fletch's. The saying must be true: "Ask and you shall receive." I put together one of these little puzzles on my own and got the great Fletch's permission to place it on his blog. The instructions are the same and are as follows:

Last week's winner: Me, I guess, with 12 points.
The theme: There were two, because of Fletch's new twist. The first was that each film in Group A included a member of the Baldwin family in it (I got that one) while the second group was filled with movies where the music was composed by Mutato Musika, a.k.a. Devo (BD79).

Here's the new dozen. The rules are simple: I'm going to give you a dozen taglines, all you have to do is name as many flicks that they belong to as you can. One point per tag. Try very hard to resist the Google. Get the most points and you win. In addition, there will always be a theme, though it's point worth will vary according to how difficult I think it is.

And I'm sticking with the old school game, with 12 tags and one theme. The theme, I think, is relatively easy, so we will make it worth 5.5 points. That's right. A half of a point. Deal with it!

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck.

Justin - 10
Nick - 5.5
Jess - 4
J.D., BD79 - 2.5
Shane, Jason Soto - 2
Sea_of_Green, Kyle, Nic Cage - 1
Dead Pan - .5


1. The One Thing That Could Bring Them Together Is Revenge.
2. Life is more than the sum of its parts.
3. How do you lock the terror out... when you already invited it in?
4. Even cops dial 911
5. The true story of a real fake.
6. Life's greatest adventure is finding your place in the circle of life.
7. Down these mean streets a man must come. A hero born, murdered, and born again.
8. A comedy about life at the top, as seen from the bottom.
9. Watch What Happens
10. Get ready for human's biggest discovery ever!
11. Nothing is as big as your first love.
12. Get ready to rock!

Correct answers so far:

1. Serving Sara (Jess)
2. Transamerica (J.D.)
3. Single White Female (J.D.)
4. S.W.A.T. (bd79)
5. Catch Me If You Can (Ceri)
6. The Lion King (Fletch)
7. The Spirit (Jess)
8. The Nanny Diaries (J.D.)
9. The Truman Show (elgringo)
10. Contact (bd79)
11. Little Manhattan (Jess)
12. The Rock (Jess)
Theme - All the films feature an actor or actress who starred in a television show created by Aaron Sorkin (bd79)

29 people have chosen wisely: on "Tuesday's Twelve Tags #34 - The Rambler Edition"

Fletch said...

No idea how close any of these are...

1. Four Brothers
3. Funny Games
5. The Hoax
6. The Lion King
8. Chairman of the Board
11. Big

J.D. said...

2. Transamerica
3. SINGLE WHITE FEMALE (how did I know that?!)
8. The Nanny Diaries

All I got.

bd79 said...

10. Contact

Ceri said...

5) Catch Me If You Can
8) The Nanny Diaries

Crap. That's all I got. Not bad for my first go - I could have had none. :-P

Justin said...

So far, pretty good. Fletch, sorry, but only one of those was right. Taste of your own medicine. . .

Just kidding!

Keep it up!

Jess said...

7. The Spirit
11. Little Manhattan
12. The Rock

Fletch said...

Ok, I gots more guesses. Yes, these are all guesses. I like some of 'em, though.

1. Sleepers
7. Has to be Spawn, right?
9. EdTV
11. Really familiar, but I can't place it. Really sad because I'm pretty sure I've used it.
12. School of Rock

Justin said...

Good job Jess. All four guesses were right

That leaves just 11 and the theme and here is where we stand:

Jess: 4
JD: 3
bd79: 2
Fletch/Ceri: 1

It's anyone's game!

Fletch said...

Theme - they all feature Academy Award losers?

J.D. said...

They all feature Golden Globe nominees (aka losers I guess)?

elgringo said...

Ones I would have got right:
SWAT, Catch Me if You Can, and maybe Little Manhattan (I love that movie...)

My guess for number nine is: The Truman Show (but that's only because Fletch took my original guess, EdTV.)

As far as the theme goes, I thought I had it until The Rock came and spoiled it.

Justin said...

Elgringo picks up a point for The Truman Show! That leaves it still wide open with the theme still up for grabs. Yes your guesses were wrong. Try again (although it is cast based... I hate giving clues but I love when fletch hands them out so I have to!)

Nick said...

This theme is tricky. I've noticed that practically every movie on the list shares actors/actresses (Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Laura Linney, Sam Jackson, etc.). But I can't find a single movie they're in together, so it's not a "they're all in _____ movie."

But there's always the fallback... each has an actor/actress also in a well known TV show.

Justin said...

You really think I would be that vague with my first attempt at a Tuesdays Twelve Tags?!?!


Justin said...

Although I guess I can admit to that being on the right track. But you're gonna have to come with something more specific than that...

Fletch said...

Which one is on the right track: mine, JD's or Nick's?

By the way, I love that that TV show guess is now the standard joke guess. I will use it as the theme many, many weeks from now when you all have given up on guessing it. :D

Justin said...

Nicks is the closest

Fletch said...

Ok, how's this: each movie features someone who starred or guest-starred on Frasier.

Justin said...

Much more specific and I like it and it might even be true. . .

But I have no idea because that's not what it is. . .

Continued on the right track though.

J.D. said...

They all star people who starred on shows on NBC?



bd79 said...

Each movie includes a star of the TV show "SportsNight"

Justin said...

There are three questions in that last comment. . . Let me address them separately:

"They all star people who starred on shows on NBC?"

Ok, for one, that's incredibly vague and as not even Fletch would have that as a theme, I cannot do that disservice to his site.

But (to answer the question) partially yes. Keep digging though.

"Or ABC?"

See above.

"Or something?"

Well. . . yeah. Here's another hint. There's a rather sizeable clue on the post itself. Look maybe in that first paragraph and you'll find some help. . .

How specific do I drop hints Fletch before I get the 5.5 points and. . . wait for it. . . win? Haha wouldn't that be something?

Justin said...

bd79 posted the same time as me. . .

It's not that you are incorrect, sir. It's that you are not all the way correct, because that statement is not true.

bd79 said...

They all have stars of Aaron Sorkin TV series?

Fletch said...

Bingo. That's gotta be it.

Justin said...

That does have to be it. Good job bd79. Here's the breakdown:

1. Serving Sara (Matthew Perry - Studio 60)
2. Transamerica (Felicity Huffman - Sports Night)
3. Single White Female (Steven Weber - Studio 60)
4. S.W.A.T. (Josh Charles - Sports Night)
5. Catch Me If You Can (Martin Sheen - The West Wing)
6. The Lion King (Robert Guillaume - Sports Night)
7. The Spirit (Sarah Paulson - Studio 60)
8. The Nanny Diaries (Nate Corddry - Studio 60)
9. The Truman Show (Peter Krause - Sports Night)
10. Contact (Rob Lowe - The West Wing)
11. Little Manhattan (Bradley Whitford - both The West Wing and Studio 60)
12. The Rock (John Spencer - The West Wing)

The clue was the link to my blog, where I posted a new column this week raving about one of my favorite TV shows, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. . .

Anyway. . . Fletch? How did it go?

J.D. said...

I never said "or something?".

Fletch said...

That is true - JD's "or something" should count for something. Not sure what, though...something, I guess.

You did an excellent job, Justin. I approve heartily. Anytime you'd like to guest again, you are welcome. If any of you others want a shot at it, you're welcome as well. I like being able to play, too. :D

BD's on a tear.