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Aug 11, 2009

Tuesday's Twelve Tags #32

Last week's winner: Nic Cage, with 9 points (aw, how sweet that commentor Cage won, given my earlier post about the real Cage).
The theme: Each film features a member of the "12" from Ocean's Twelve - see above for who was in what. (Justin)

Here's the new dozen. The rules are simple: I'm going to give you a dozen taglines, all you have to do is name as many flicks that they belong to as you can. One point per tag. Try to resist the Google. Get the most points and you win. In addition, there will always be a theme, though it's point worth will vary according to how difficult I think it is.

New twist: due to the irresistability of the Google, I'm going to be upping the point values of the themes to offset the so-called cheating. Expect themes to be worth ~8 points on the low side and ~12 on the high side.

This week's theme is worth 9 points.

1. The Media Made Them Superstars.
2. A comedy beyond belief.
3. Sometimes It's Hard To Say No
4. A Magical Mystical Adventure
5. Some things in life just can't be explained.
6. What happens when make-believe believes it's real?
7. A world of wonders in One Great Picture
8. No mortal could possess it! No kingdom could command it!
9. On the other side of drinks, dinner and a one night stand, lies a terrifying love story.
10. A New Power Is Rising.
11. Makes Ben Hur look like an Epic
12. There are worlds beyond our own - the compass will show the way.

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck.

Justin - 9
Nick - 5.5
Jess - 4
J.D., BD79 - 2.5
Shane, Jason Soto - 2
Sea_of_Green, Kyle, Nic Cage - 1
Dead Pan - .5

Correct answers so far:
1. Natural Born Killers (Jess)
2. Raising Arizona (Jess)
3. Sexy Beast (Jess)
4. Ladyhawke (Jess)
5. Phenomenon (Jess)
6. Pan's Labyrinth (Jess)
7. Alice in Wonderland (Jess)
8. Excalibur (Jess)
9. Fatal Attraction (Jess)
10. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (Jess)
11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Nick)
12. The Golden Compass (Nick)
Theme - Each film contains a rabbit somewhere in it. (BD79)

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Nick said...

11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (You use this one a lot...)
12. The Golden Compass

Jess said...

1. Natural born Killers

Jess said...

2. Raising Arizona

Jess said...

7. Pan's Labyrinth
8. Excaliber
9. Fatal Attraction

Jess said...

sorry, 6 is Pan Labyrinth and 7 is Alice in Wonderland.

The theme seems to be each movie carries a myth or mystical world or set of ideas.

Jess said...

A legend of some kind to clarify.

Jess said...

10. The Two Towers

Fletch said...

Well, the two of you are 11 for 11 with the tags, but 0 for 2 with the theme guesses.

Still anyone's game.

Jess said...

4. LadyHawke

Am I close with the theme? I can't get Raising Arizona to fit, but otherwise, there is definitely something to do with myths or legends in them.

Fletch said...

Well, with Ladyhawke, you've all but guaranteed a win. Only Nick can pass you now; if you or anyone else gets it, you win.

And no, you're not really close, I'm afraid. Here's a small bit of help:

Focus on the last half of the films listed. I think the theme stands out more amongst them.

Nick said...

Theme - Each movie has a child with unknown or only one parent. Or like a basterd child or something like that.

This is a tough theme.

bd79 said...

Alice, Fatal Attraction, Holy Grail...they all feature a rabbit as an important plot point?

Fletch said...


Tough? I give you one more hint, as to the nature of the theme:

Each film contains...something within it.

Might play a major role in the picture, might be all but inconsequential. Like I said, focus on the latter half listed (I'd give you specifics within that, but that might make it a bit too easy).

Fletch said...


BD nails it *as* I'm typing up that big long hint.

Exactamundo: each film contains a rabbit in it somewhere.

Had you gotten just one measly tag, you'd be guaranteed a (well deserved) tie, but no, you're stuck with a valiant 2nd place effort.

Nick said...

No fucking way! I noticed the rabbit trend, but I thought that was too (no offense) inconsequential of a theme, so I didn't do it.

That's for me second guessing myself.

Fletch said...


I was worried it would be too obvious. Had to leave off Donnie Darko, but I kept Alice in there cause he doesn't stand out *quite* as much there.

I can live with inconsequential. :D I mean, I think most of them are kinda inconsequential (all films feature the song "Respect"? c'mon!).

Jess said...

Great theme Fletch! I see it now. Great red herring choosing some very similar movies, but with some really out there ones so my guess wasn't at all correct for a few of them.

Nick said...

Actually, it was Alice that first tipped me off to the rabbit theme. But you're right, Donnie Darko would have sealed it.

Fletch said...

Jess - any red herring-ness was purely coincidental. But I'll take it!