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Jun 26, 2009

TGITDNMAR (6/26/09)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

Saw Night at the Museum 2 last night. No, I can't believe it, either. What can I say? We were desperate for popcorn and the company of strangers that we don't have to sit next to. The popcorn was good.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
You know, despite my hatred of Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay, I was all set to repeat my actions from two years ago and blow some money on this loud, mind-numbing action flick. Maybe the action would be more coherent. Maybe John Turturro and Jon Voight would have larger or smaller roles, making the film more/less enjoyable (depending on whether you were annoyed by them, entertained by them, or both). Maybe Megan Fox would do a striptease for no good reason. All this was reason enough to check it out.

But no. Apparently, it's not only gawdawful, but it's 147 damn minutes long. I can wait for HBO.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 7%

My Sister's Keeper
Counterprogramming alert!!!

Don't want to see the testosterone-fueled flick where everything gets blown up and dies quickly? Well, how about a chick flick (with kids) where people die slowly and painfully.

Reminds me very much of this part (specifically, the popcorn part) of Eddie Izzard's tremendous Dressed to Kill comedy special from some years back:

Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 0%

Time to hit the DVR for movies to watch this weekend...

P.S. - Oh, by the way: I accidentally overwrote this week's TGITDNMAR over last week's, so the first few comments won't make a lick of sense...oh well.

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Nick said...

I know you might not exactly trust me after Pelham 123, but I *really* enjoyed The Proposal. I only went because of Ryan Reynolds, but it was so worth it.

I laughed about as much in this as I did with The Hangover. Granted, it's a different kind of comedy, and you laughed a ton more at The Hangover than I did.

This was a formula RomCom, but it had a lot of charm. Review coming shortly.

David Bishop said...
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Farzan said...

Year One looks really bad. I didn't laugh once during the trailers and its reviews have been some of the worst I have seen. I might watch it one day if its on TV.

Nick said...

Yeah... Transformers 2 isn't great (in fact, by most movie standards, it's pretty bad). But by action "I wanna see giant robots fighting and shit blowing up" standards, it's pretty cool. And the CGI, of course, is very well done. So I'd really only recommend it if you wanna see 2.5 hours of explosions and Megan Fox running in slow motion.

Oh, and I love Eddie Izzard.

Mr. Booze said...

BTW, two weeks, two posts at Blogging Las Vegas.

Fletch said...

Big Mike - You fuck my wife? You fuck my wife? You fuck my wife?

Senor Booze - glad to see it. Gonna have to meet you up there oneo of these trips. I ought to be there in late August for a fantasy football draft...

Big Mike Mendez said...

I am your wife AND I fucked her.