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May 2, 2009

Number 5 is...alive?

Please, watch this:

Did you notice the guy with the glasses?

What the hell happened to Fisher Stevens' career?

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Nick said...

Well, considering his last two major blockbuster roles were in "Super Mario Bros." and "Hackers," I think it's safe to assume what happened to his career.

blakecgriffin said...

Wow. That's really upsetting. Apparently cameos on Law and Order and Lost aren't paying the bills...

Fox said...

Was that P. Diddy in there as well?

You know Fisher Stevens looks out his trailer window (if he even got one for a commercial) at Ashton Kutcher and just lets a tear or two roll.

Fletch said...

Nick, I hear ya, but as blake points out, there are always guest spots on procedurals and the like. To be in a commercial is one thing; to have a non-speaking role, an EXTRA, is quite another. Poor guy.

This reminds me of the Directv commercials airing right now where two guys are talking about setting their DVR from their cell phone. One of them is Steve the Pirate aka Wash from Serenity/Firefly aka Alan Tudyk. He's too good for that!

Fox, I think that's just a guy that's made to look like Diddy.

Kyle N. said...

Wow I never noticed that. Alan Tudyk and the other guy from Psych at least had speaking roles and were the "stars" of the commercial and I'm sure got paid. But a 3 second cameo in an Ashton Kutcher commercial, this man is an award winner. The only trophey that Ashton has is Demi Moore. That's sad.