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Apr 6, 2009

Like quizzes?

Of the many sites and/or films that I get emailed about to check out, this is one that I've probably taken the most advantage of. JetPunk is a Priceline-ish site that wants to be your virtual travel agent, but what they might be getting more famous for is their quizzes.

The key to their success is their simplicity: Name as many of the U.S.'s 50 Biggest Cities as you can in 3 Minutes. Name as many Best Picture Oscar Winners as you can in 5 Minutes. Name as many of the 155 Simpsons Characters as you can in 5 Minutes.

No, they don't have a ton of movie-related ones, but there's plenty from the realm of pop culture altogether, with music and TV ones as well. And if you like sports or geography, there's a ton more. Overall, it looks like there's nearly 100 quizzes.

And no, I'm not being paid or offered anything to pimp them. They're just fun, and better than those lame "Which (blank) are you?" quizzes that have overtaken Facebook. Enjoy:


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Jess said...

You have just given me endless procrastination. I only named 58 countries in 5 minutes - I find that a little sad.

the editor., said...

Fletch said,"Like quizzes?"
hmmm...Well, Yes!...considering that quizzes are the centerpieces of my blog!

Wow!...take a look at the blog that I found...I really like it!

Deedee ;-D

the editor., said...

Btw, I'am wayyyy to...(clear throat)... let just say, embarassment will "ensue" if I mention my Shakespeare quiz score!

Deedee :-(

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

I took the "What early 1980's wrestler are you?" quiz, only to get Dusty Rhodes, who started in the late 1960's.

Fox said...

I like the time limit of those quizzes. It gets rid of the "Googling-for-answers" problem if internet trivia.

Anh Khoi Do said...

Well, I never bothered to take those kind of quizzes on Facebook. However, since the quiz you talk about asks us to rely on our knowledge of geography, I might try it.

Fletch said...

Jess - 64. Ran out of time, and I wish it a little more lenient on the spelling. Though that's tough...

the editor - what's not to love about a blog with a giant pic of lambs for a header pic? :D

I would not do good a the Shakespeare quiz...so I'm not even gonna try.

Fox - I totally agree, though I was tempted to Google for the spelling of Lichtenstein since I know it's a damn country. Grrr.

Anh Khoi Do - definitely. There are plenty of geography quizzes on there.