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Mar 9, 2009

Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#29)

All weekend and no laptop makes Fletch a dull boy. Or something like that. Anyway, that's my (somewhat) legit excuse for not sticking to my self-appointed schedules. A thousand apologies to those that were biting their nails in anticipation of the latest SGC.

In case you missed it, last week, I stumped you all (again). I'm now in 2nd place - watch out, Wendy, I'm gunning for your title.

But not this week. I feel bad about being late and stumping you so much, so I'm giving y'all an easy one. First to comment wins?

Wendymoon - 5
J.D., Fletch - 4
Jason/Daniel - 3
Evan Derrick, Jason Soto - 2
Steel11Kane, TonyD, Luke Harrington, Rachel, Adam Ross, Justin, Anders, Nick - 1

Here are the altered/actual posters from last time:

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Mrs Fletch said...

No "Lucy" makes Fletch a dull boy.

dreamrot said...

Dude, I have this feeling that unless it's Star Wars, I'm just never going to get one of there.

Shane said...

I've never come close to getting one

BD79 said...


Jason Soto said...

No Country For Old Men?

BD79 said...


Fletch said...

No dice on any of the guesses so far, though I have a universal hint for you all that will make this game easier for everyone:

Make the image smaller. These SGCs are like Monets (damn straight!) - the further away they are from you, the easier it is to make out what the content is.

You're welcome.

Wendymoon said...

Seems like one man's easy is another man's huh?

Alex said...

ack making it smaller didn't help at all!

Fletch said...

Wendy - what can I say? I tried to pick one where the content wasn't too muddied, and I'll tell you that this isn't some obscure and/or unloved movie. It earned quite a bit of recognition and is a well-known flick.

Alex - keep trying that for future ones. I find that, by and large, it makes a big difference.

Jason Soto said...

Well I know what the picture is, but no idea on what the movie is. After looking up different posters that had the image on it, I'm at a loss without some sort of hint.

Easy my-

Fletch said...

Share with us, Jason - what is the picture of? At least email me - I want to know if you're warm or freezing cold.

Ok, fine, you got it, I give up...I'll give you a hint:


Here's another: Flintstones.

Fletch said...

Another hint:


Nick said...

In the words of Mallrats...

Stan Lee: [passes by magic eye picture stops] Oh, a sailboat.
[Pats William on the back and walks off]
Willam Black: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
[Runs and kicks the picture over]