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Feb 2, 2009

Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#24)

Well, after Wendy managed to get last week's poster (I.Q.) in all of 20 minutes or so, I figured the only way to hold over the suspense until Monday was to put the post up a day late.

Or not.

You'll have to forgive me, as the Super Bowl threw a major wrench into my blogging schedule yesterday (but what a game, no?). One way or another, SGC soldiers on. Good luck.

Wendymoon - 4
Jason/Daniel, J.D. - 3
Evan Derrick, Jason Soto - 2
Steel11Kane, TonyD, Luke Harrington, Rachel, Adam Ross, Justin, Anders, Nick, Fletch - 1

Here are the altered/actual posters from last time:

15 people have chosen wisely: on "Stained Glass Cinema Sunday (#24)"

Nick said...

Or 'The Holy Mountain'.

Fletch said...

No, nope, and 'fraid not.

Anders said...

I wanna say Blades of Glory....

Jason Soto said...

The Love Guru?

Fletch said...

Huh-uh, negative, and no dice.

Keep guessin'.

Clive Dangerously said...

Canadian Bacon

Just wondering, does everyone else have some sort of strategy for this? Like, randomizing imdb pages or something? I always just guess from posters I can remember seeing, and see how far that's got me.

Wendymoon said...

I have no guesses. Usually I need a clue to try and narrow things down.

Fletch said...

Indeed - a clue is in order.

Gotta start vague, though: 1980s.

Wendymoon said...

When in doubt, my brain goes to My Little Pony: The movie. But I know this is not right.

Fletch said...

"When in doubt, my brain goes to My Little Pony: The movie. But I know this is not right."

You can safely assume that I will never, ever use My Little Pony: the Movie as the answer for any quiz that's ever run here.


"A View to a Kill?"

Cha-ching. Wendy wins again, folks. Nice job - this one looked like a pretty blob to me. On the other hand, I'm disappointed that I didn't get to use my "Duran Duran" hint. :(

Wendymoon said...

The funny thing is, I've never even seen the My Little Pony movie, it's just that the poster for it has so many colors and such it could scramble to look like anything!

Sorry about the Duran Duran hint. I'll give out a hint in return: I don't use imdb usually. I think movie poster sites are the way to go.