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Jan 2, 2009

The Best Endings Are the Ones Where I Get to Relive the Beginnings

Note: this is my tardy contribution to the Endings Blog-a-thon J.D. is hosting at Valley Dreamin'.

I think I might be disqualified. See, it's called The Endings Blog-a-thon, but I've long wanted to give credit (and love) to something I see every so often in a film that doesn't get much credit (or love). And see, it's not so much an ending to a film, or even a particular style of ending; well, it sort of is, but see - it's after the ending. I tried to even do a Google search as part of my research for this post (so that I could look all smart and list more examples), but either I'm a true film novice or it's so un-discussed that there isn't even an official name for it.

It's the Post-End-of-the-Film, Pre-Vertical-Credits Cast of Characters Montage.

Now, I know what you might be saying - "Fletch - you idiot - all you have to do is search for it by its acronym, the PEOTFPVCCOCM!" Well, guess what? I tried that! Nothing. It even asked me if I meant "PEOFPVC COCM," but stupidly, that suggestion turned up zero results as well.

So, all I really have for you is some geeky, unprofessional, Chris Farley-esque, "Remember the time when The Princess Bride ended with that pre-credit montage of the cast of characters?"


"That was great!"


I must be nostalgic, because I love the feeling of watching and re-living so many parts of the film just after it's ended. With Mark Knopfler's beautiful score playing in the background, we can still mouth the words of Billy Crystal saying "Have fun storming the castle!" and we can enjoy for a second time the wonderfully-choreographed eloquence that is the sword "fight" between Westley and Inigo.

Here are some other examples that I could think of off the top of my head (and only off the top of my head - no thanks to you, Google):

Dazed and Confused
Role Models
Slumdog Millionaire
Lethal Weapon 4 (doesn't really qualify, but there are cast/crew pictures from all four films all through the credits)

If you can recall any others, and I'm sure there are tens more at the least, please fill in the blanks.

Finally, here's the Dazed and Confused ending, awesomely scored to Foghat's Slow Ride:

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steel11kane said...

YES - Absolutely. The pre-credits, credits.

They sort of do this in a lot of movies nowadays, minus the pictures (which isn't as cool). It's almost sort of the re-introduction. Name off the main actors, then flash the name of the film before the credits roll.

Anyways, anything D&C must rule - so therefore, this rules.

Linda said...

I like the end credits of Knocked Up, where they show baby pictures of the cast and crew. Also, 27 Dresses where the credits are shown as a newspaper layout. Fun stuff!

Nick said...

Ah, yes. I like these, as well. In fact, one of my favorite movies does this... yup...

Little Shop of Horrors! And it has a great ending to that one, as it's not just a fade-out into credits. The last one on the list is Bill Murray's character... and as he falls back in his seat, the screen falls over backwards with him to the black credits screen. It's great :P .

And doesn't Spaceballs do it, as well? I can't remember, but I think it does.

Nick said...

Oh, and of course I remember another one after I submit... "The New Guy" does it, as well. And what's funny about The New Guy's version is that they add in some deleted scenes (or possibly even bloopers at times) that hadn't been seen yet.

The Mad Hatter said...

I always think about M*A*S*H when thinking about PEOFPVC COCM's...but perhaps that's just me.

even better, is that you get Radar's voice on the loud speaker reading out the names.

Fletch said...

Haven't seen The Quiet Man (shocker).

Kane - if there are no pictures (and better than pictures is moving images, a la Dazed and Princess Bride), it don't count in my book.

That said - Linda - I too liked the baby pics idea from Knocked Up. A novel spin on it.

Nick, the next time Little Shop is on, I'll have to watch for the end. It's been forever since I saw the entire thing. Haven't seen The New Guy...

Also been forever since I saw MASH, but I can hear Radar now. That's cool.

David Bishop said...

Kill Bill Vol. 2 had a pretty good one.

Dead Pan said...

American Graffiti.

Gwen said...

The Scream movies, The Faculty, Not Another Teen Movie, American Outlaws.. and Dogma I think.

Good topic, I like these as well.

Dave said...

Citizen Kane!

It's a classic.

I love this post. It's something I'd never have thought of about something I unconsciously love. So well done on that.

Fletch said...

So, so many that I haven't seen. Thanks to all of you for the assistance, and special thanks to Gwen and Dave for the compliments!

JacksSmirkingRevenge said...

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Nick said...

I just finished watching Office Space again, which does this.

It reminded me of this post and I didn't think it was mentioned, which is odd, considering the popularity of the film.

So... there you go.

Fletch said...

Arrrggh! Thanks, Nick - an awful oversight by me, especially considering how much I love Office Space.

Anonymous said...

I believe the pre-credits credits are commonly referred to as a film's "Coda."