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Dec 16, 2008

Tuesday's Twelve Tags #2

See the bolding up there? That's right - I'm adding Twelve Tags to the stable as a weekly feature. Also, once I get some more Stained Glass Cinema's in the bank, I'll install that as a weekly feature dropping like it's lukewarm on Sundays.

But for now, I have only tags for you. The rules are simple: - I'm going to give you a dozen taglines, all you have to do is name as many flicks as you can. Get the most and you win. Sometimes there might be a theme, sometimes not. This time...there is one, and if you can guess (you can't), I'll award you 5 points.

1. Rule the Planet
2. The battle for peace has begun
3. A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets
4. Somebody has taken his love for sequels one step too far
5. She has the power . . . an evil destructive force
6. Her doctor wasn't playing God. He thought he was God.
7. Adventure doesn't come any bigger than this
8. A love he can't forget. A murder he can't remember.
9. America Was Born In The Streets
10. The Ego has landed
11. A friendship that became a rivalry. A rivalry that turned deadly.
12. Movie? What movie?

As you get them right, I'll mark them as gotten and stuff. Good luck. No hints.

Last time out, Sea_of_Green narrowly beat Ibetolis by a score of 5-4 score (with three others getting the remaining three. As we get further into this, I'll show a proper scoreboard.

Good luck!

Correct answers so far:

1. Planet of the Apes (Nick)
2. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Jonathan)
3. Titanic (J.D.)
4. Scream 2 (Jonathan)
5. Firestarter (Jonathan)
6. Malice (Nick)
7. Willow (Jonathan)
8. Shattered (Nick)
9. Gangs of New York (J.D.)
10. Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (Rachel)
11. The Prestige (J.D.)
12. Top Secret! (Nick)
Theme - All of the films feature at least one actor that was in A Christmas Carol. (Justin)

Though it came with considerable help from me, Justin got the theme fair and square and in the process took the victory with 5 points, narrowly beating out Jonathan and Nick. A bonus prize of figgy pudding will be rewarded to Justin on some future Christmas Day by the Spirit of Christmas Desert-like Foods. Awesome!

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J.D. said...

3. Titanic
9. Gangs of New York
11. The Prestige

That's all I got.

Jonathan said...

2.Star Trek VI
4. Scream 2
5. Firestarter
7. Willow

Fletch said...

Get 'em while they're hot, folks. Just 5 and the theme left.

Nice job, J.D. and Jonathan. Jonathan, you must be a Trekkie (er?) - I thought #2 would last for awhile - it's pretty generic.

Nick said...

1. Planet of the Apes.
6. Malice
8. Shattered
12. Top Secret!

I couldn't figure out number 10.

Fletch said...

Nick, you dirty cheater with your Google and your Jeeves and your Yahoo. There's no other possible reason why anyone would get Malice or Shattered.

Not that it's really cheating...but it kinda is.

Oh well, at least you'll never get the theme. :)

Nick said...

I'm insulted! I did not use Jeeves and Yahoo! Pfft! <.< >.>

But I will get this theme! I will try my damnedest.

Nick said...

The best I can come up with for theme is 'seven deadly sins'. Each movie has a character or two which are faulty with one or more of the seven deadly sins.

Fletch said...


I may give a hint later.

Rachel said...

10. Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties

No clue on the theme though:(

Nick said...

I so almost put Garfield 2 for number 10, because that's the only answer Google was giving me... but when I checked IMDb, it didn't list that as one of the taglines, so I just left it off. :P

(I didn't cheat!)

Nick said...

Oh, oh, I know! They're all movies in which somebody seems to die but really doesn't! Or... or... they're all movies in which somebody gets handcuffed!

(I'm dying here. You have no idea how much this is driving me crazy).

Fletch said...

Nice job, Rachel!

Nick, you're high - it's the Tagline listed on the main page for the film!

Oh, and no dice on the theme guesses.

Here's the (big) hint: think cast members.

Jason Soto said...

Something having to do with Val Kilmer?

If the theme turns out to be something small like a person wore a red shirt in every movie I'm gonna strangle ya, Fletch.

Nick said...

I *have* been thinking of cast members (in a Kevin Bacon sorta way), but the closest I could find were Val Kilmer (who is only connected by 2 movies) and George C. Scott (who is only connected by 3).

Nick said...

Oh, and Bob Hoskins shares a couple movies, as well.

My only other thought could be that each movie has at least one 'before-they-were-stars' cast member.

Oh, and the reason Garfield threw me off is because when I checked IMDb, I accidentally clicked the first movie instead of the second -_- .

Fletch said...

Nick...you're getting warmer.

Big hint numero dos: think Blog Cabins.

Jason Soto said...

You met one of the stars in each movie?

Fletch said...

Nope. It's something that you wouldn't have access to the knowledge of previously. I'm not that much of a bastard.

Final hint: there's a tie between certain cast members of all the movies. That tie is something that's been shown/discussed on Blog Cabins recently.

That's as good as I can spell it out for y'all.

Justin said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the theme of these movies is having at least one cast member having been in a holiday-type film . . .

Justin said...

E.G. The Prestige - Michael Caine - The Muppet Christmas Carol

Justin said...

Also, Garfield 2 - Jennifer Love Hewitt - TV'S A Christmas Carol

. . .


Fletch said...

Well, J. Love Hewitt has nothing to do with anything, but...YES!

Justin has found the theme. All of the movies feature (at least) one actor from A Christmas Carol. I can't recall them all off the top of my head, but for starters:

David Warner was in 1-4, George C. Scott was in 5-6, Joanne Whalley was in 7-...

You get the idea.

Congrats, Justin - that makes you the winner with 5 points.

Justin said...

And I'll go one more to prove my point. . .

Top Secret - Lucy Gutteridge - A Christmas Carol (a TV version)

So the theme seems to be A Christmas Carol, at least specifically that one of the cast members of each of these films has appeared in a version of the classic holiday film!


Nick said...

DAMNIT! I was SO close! And I was thinking of A Christmas Carol the whole time because of George C. Scott and your recent post!



All those hours of work for nothing!

(And that's not hyperbole. I literally researched for hours trying to figure this damn thing out in order to get onto the leaderboard. I swear, one day, I WILL place in one of your damn puzzles).

Nick said...

I also apologize for the overuse of the word 'damn'. I didn't realize I had used it three times within the one post :P .

Jason Soto said...

There is a strange Val Kilmer connection though. Willow, Top Secret!, and his wife or daughter was in one of the other movies as well.

But blah I knew it was something impossibly hard to figure out.