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Dec 3, 2008

Stained Glass Cinema #17

Right off the bat, J.D. had to pull First Snow out of his little bum. Pissed me off, I'll tell ya. Raise your hand if you saw it. Hell, raise your hand if you've even heard of it. I, of course, saw it in the theater (Guy Pearce fan). It's not bad, and it's not super, but if it comes up on cable sometime, give it a whirl. It can't be any worse than One Tree Hill or whatever that crap is that you watch.

Getting into the holiday spirit, I give you this one (and that hint).

Jason/Daniel - 3
Evan Derrick - 2
Jason Soto - 2
Steel11Kane, TonyD, Luke Harrington, Rachel, Adam Ross, Justin, Wendymoon, J.D., Fletch - 1

Here are the altered/actual posters from last time:

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Wendymoon said...

Mr. Bean's Holiday?

Fletch said...


C'mon, folks...step ya game up!

Do y'all need a hint or is the magic gone?

Nick said...

I need a hint. I'll never be able to get one of these without a hint.

Jason Soto said...

Stop picking obscure movies and we'd all get it. ;)

Fletch said...

Jason - hahaha....it's so not obscure.

That's half a hint right there. Here's the other half:

Luggage plays an important role in the film.

Justin said...

Is it the underrated The Ice Harvest?

Wendymoon said...

That's very interesting. As a luggage problem.

Fletch said...

THN - you're close. The rest of you - way off.


Seriously, this one's really easy. I'm going to mock you all for not getting it. A bird could get it faster.

(there's a hint in there somewhere...)

Fletch said...

Once I saw the name Evan Derrick pop into my email box, I didn't even have to read it to know that you would come to the rescue.

How dare you all not recognize Dumb and Dumber when you see it!!

Evan Derrick said...

I try, I try. Honestly, I thought Dumb and Dumber as soon as I saw it, but figured that would be too easy, and actually ended up hunting a bit before I checked on my original hunch.

I am, however, at a loss to how THN was "close" with Die Hard.

Fletch said...

Yeah, I thought this was a piece of cake, too. Maybe I just need some of those smart whipper-snappers that get Mystery Poster Theater in ten seconds to mosey on over here.

As for THN's guess...it goes back a bit. You gotta check out the comments of the prior episodes of this to get it.

andersw said...

Dumb and Dumber? I definable feel like both for not getting that one...

Anyway, head over to my blog cause In Shred's is back from hiatus and it's an easy one this week!


Michael said...

Die Hard 2: Die Harder