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Dec 29, 2008

Assuming he doesn't serve too much time, I might hire this guy to attend the movies with me...

From CNN.com (click to enlarge):

And millions of fed-up moviegoers send out a silent "hurrah!" to Cialella, though is there any surprise that the story came from Philadelphia?

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Nick said...

Yeah... when I went to see Benjamin Button yesterday, a guy was talking incredibly loud on his cell phone at one point. I was so tempted to turn around and go "I will SHOOT you!"

elgringo said...

Like I said on my blog, I don't approve...but I do understand.

Jason Soto said...

I dunno I hear it's Always Sunny there.

the editor., said...

How do you spell "I-r-o-n-y!"
Wow!...Home of "brotherly love?!?

LOL Nick!...but a very "drastic" action!..."methink"

dcd ;-)

the editor., said...

Oops!...On the part of the guy name Cialella, not your!...Do you understand?

dcd ;-0

Anders said...

Few pressing questions:
1. Of all the films released on Christmas, is Benjamin button really one you'd expect that mug to see...let alone shoot to see in peace?
2. What the hell is a father doing taking his son to see Benjamin Button? Marley and me, Beadtime Stories.....all far more likely candidates. This might explain why he was talking aloud...out of boredom.

Fletch said...

Anders, I was thinking the same thing. Can't judge a book by its cover, I suppose. As for the father/son, I never saw ages for them, so who knows...

I don't approve of shooting people, either, gringo, no matter how annoying they are in the theater (wait, let me think about that...), but at the very least, maybe it will send a strong message to the talkers out there and something positive can come out of it. :) How's that for a silver lining?