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Nov 10, 2008

Familiar Face - Unknown Name #9 - Mark Boone Junior

Call them what you want - character actors, "That Guy(s)," scene stealers - I don't care. This is a regular feature where I spotlight one performer, whether they be longtime veterans like J.K. Simmons or Barry Corbin, or a fresher face just making their way up the stardom ranks. For previous FF-UNs, click here.

Today's Familiar Face-Unknown Name:

Mark Boone Junior

Where You've Seen Him (high profile): There are two roles on his resume that stand out above all else, and they were brought to us by the same director: Chris Nolan. Boone stole nearly every scene of Memento that he was featured in as Burt the hotel manager, and he brought just the right combination of menace and cowardice to Batman Begins as Det. Flass that William Hootkins had brought a decade earlier to Tim Burton's Batman as Lt. Eckhardt. He's currently co-starring on the Fx show Sons of Anarchy.

Where You've Seen Him (not-so-high profile): You name the small role, he's played it in a high-profile film, from "Greasy FBI Man" in Se7en to "New York Guy" in Armageddon. Other colorful names on his resume include Pool Supply Man, Taxi Driver, Angry Man, Cop #3, Mad Dog, Quarantine Guard, and Evil. However, true Seinfeld fans will recall his three-second stint as OTB Patron in "The Subway" episode. Too bad he wasn't the guy chasing after Kramer...

Character Specialties: As evidenced by his numerous generic character names, Mark obviously gives off a bit of a greasy, seedy, loser vibe. Blue collar - could be a construction worker, a plumber or a roofer. Prone to committing crimes. Once upon a time, might have gotten Tom Waits' leftovers.

My favorite role: Has to be Burt in Memento, expanded on more here.

Little Known Facts: Good friends with Steve Buscemi. In fact, I can't imagine you wanting to (I did), but here's a seven-minute video of Buscemi talking about Boone (and acting in general). Actually pretty interesting.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Boone_Jr.
On IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0095478/

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THN said...

He's good in Sons, which seems like a perfect role for him.

Nick said...

Oh yeah, he's a total "that guy" with me.

You know, if you cleaned him up a bit and cut his hair... I think he might be able to pull off a brother with Jeff Bridges.

Sheamus the... said...

i love it when he double sells the room in Memento.

He tried so hard in 30 Days of Night.

Flass... what your kids dont eat Falaffle(how the heck do you spell that... i dont even know what it is)

Fletch said...

Haven't seen Sons of Anarchy at all. Is it worth checking out?

Nick, I can see the Bridges look somewhat.

Shea - good call on the falafel line - it's one of the funniest in the flick. But yeah, the Memento bit is better, even moreso when he admits to it.

steel11kane said...

Can't forget his seedy role as a - crooked cop - in the family classic 2 Fast 2 Furious. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Boone looks sort of like a well-fed Nick Nolte.

I like this feature, Fletch.

J.D. said...

Nice article. I love this guy's work. He and Tom Waits should do a buddy film together, but only if they can resurrect John Cassavetes to write and direct.

I think his best work is in Buscemi's films. He always seems to get the best of out Boone. I also liked his tiny role in John Carpenter's VAMPIRES where he gets the dubious fate of being sliced in half by the head vamp.

Mother Darla said...

I am totally in love with Mark Boone Junior. IN. LOVE.

He's a GREAT actor, especially in Sons of Anarchy (please let him return in Season Two), but in all his roles there is a non-wimp, CAPABLE energy that he brings. I am happy to see that he's starting to get his due (see his 2008 gigs at IMDB), and can only hope that he continues in his rise from "that guy" to "THE guy." Mark, if you read this, you are awesome, baby!

Buffett35 said...

I've seen all of Sons of Anarchy, and it's pretty entertaining. Boone's character is a cold-blooded killer with an unexplained side gig as a horrible Elvis impersonator (waiting patiently for that wacky twist to come into play).

Other than Hellboy and Peggy Bundy as the king and queen of their little club, the cast is chock full of FF-UN's. I can think of at least 20 guys appearing in multiple scenes on this show (plus a handful of girls), and I don't know any of their names. You'd enjoy it for research if nothing else.

Fletch said...

Kane - that would require my watching the Fast/Furious movies, which I just can't do.

Rick - does that mean he looks like a well-fed Busey as well? They are brothers you know, right?

J.D. - I guess I saw him in Trees Loungs, but that was so long ago. I'm sure I had no idea who he was at the time.

Mother Darla - thanks for stopping by - glad I featured one of your faves. I hope he stops by, too - I'm looking for my first celebrity friend. I'm totally up for having a Hollywood insider as a source for good dirt. :)

Buffett - you and your love for the FX shows. Is The Shield done yet?

Though you've convinced me to at least watch Sons the next time I come across it. I'm in need of some good TV shows to watch...

bob said...

great idea... really like the familiar face unknown name.. we talk about it at home all the time... really great blog

hope you'll visit ours sometime.

Fletch said...

Thanks Bob! I appreciate it.

Checked out your site...have you pondered becoming a LAMB?

Dean Treadway said...

Love that you highlighted Mark. He attended the 3rd Dahlonega Intl. Film Fest I programmed in Georgia, in connection with a film he was superb in called GREASEWOOD FLATS. It was a rare non-villainous, scuzzball role for him, and he was hilarious in it. He was very gracious and fun to hang out with. I asked him virtually nothing about his career, though he's had a deep one (with his role in Memento being a stand-out). I merely wanted to see what he was like in person, and he and the director of the movie had a terrific time with me in Dahlonega. My experience doing that fest, which was wildly successful for the three years I attended (even though it's now moved to Rome, GA) was unparalleled. Just meeting Mark, Caveh Zahdei (watch A LITTLE STIFF), Richard Sandler (watch THE GODS OF TIMES SQUARE), and Jeff Krulik (director of the famous HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT and lots of other great stuff--watch PLANET KRULIK 2000) was enough to make all the work worthwhile. It's nice to notice you noticed this unsung character actor's worth. America and the movies need more people like him!

Dean Treadway said...

Oh, and he IS superb in Buschemi's TREES LOUNGE. That might be the first film I noticed him in.

Anonymous said...


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