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Oct 29, 2008

Hey you! Act more Bill Pullmanish, ok?

I'm either really boring, or terrible at recognizing my own tendencies. Allow me to explain.

I was wondering what it must be like for someone like Christopher Walken or Bill Shatner. Wondering what happens when you get so famous that people can mimic you so easily that a twelve year old could guess who was being mimicked within ten seconds. Wondering what happens when the Shat is filming an episode of Boston Whatever or a commercial and the director tells him to "tone down the Shat-ness" a bit. Wondering what happens when Walken is told to "just talk normal for these lines."

Would they have any idea what to do (or not do)? Would you? What aspects of your personality - the way you walk, the tone and/or inflection of your speech - would you be able to identify and be less you?

I have no idea what mine would be, and I've decided it's either because I have none, or because - duh - I'm me, and I don't spend all day watching footage of myself. But you'd think you might know some anyway. I'm guessing Woody Allen is aware that he does that "speak really fast rambley" thing that he does on occasion, just as I'm sure Sam Jackson knows he has a tendency to scream a bit. And though you probably know those traits of Allen and Jackson just from my descriptions, they remain awfully vague ones.

If I indeed do have none, I can probably think of worse things. After all, I can't imagine what it would be like to be told to act "less Paul Newmanish" or "more Robert Redfordy" - some people just don't have a schtick (for lack of a better word).

But I wish I did, and I wish I knew what they were, just in case someone tells me to "tone down the Dylanness a bit."

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Mrs Fletch said...

Hi Dear, I've been meaning to talk to you about toning down the Dylan-ness a bit.

WampaOne said...




Daniel Getahun said...

Wasn't there some movie recently where you said people always tell you you act like...? I'd have to find it in a comment archive somewhere.

Fletch said...

"Hi Dear, I've been meaning to talk to you about toning down the Dylan-ness a bit."

I will do my best, dear. I will stock acting terminally cool and debonair. I will stop being a winner at everything I do. I will...

Daniel - I have a buddy that tells me I'm like the geek in National Treasure, if that's what you're referring to, but a) he's the only one that says that and b) I hate him for saying it (kinda).

Daniel Getahun said...

That's the one, alright! Could be worse. He could tell you you're like Cage.