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Sep 9, 2008

The Great Movie Poster Piece Contest...winner!

Congrats to MovieZeal overlord Evan Derrick for winning The Great Movie Poster Piece Contest! He wins a $25.00 gift card to Applebees, though with just 11 entries (where's the rest of my loyal and devoted following?), there will be no additional DVD giveaway. Wampa, your chance at eventually taking home the Logan's Run DVD is still alive and kicking. I think Evan's comment after taking the test sums it up best:

"Fletch, you bastard. This quiz was cruel and inhumane. Way to suck a dude in. Do you realize what horrid corners of the internet I've had to travel to in order to figure all of these out? But.... I think I got them all."

Indeed he did. Evan blew away the competition, getting every answer correct - truly an amazing feat of determination and geekiness. Were I taking the test and not administering it, who knows how many I would have gotten?

That said, as I've told many of you, all of the posters shown above are either famous posters in their own right and/or from famous movies. Not a one is obscure. Anyway, here are the answers and final results - thanks to all of you that were up to the challenge, even if you knew you had no chance of winning. Next time, if there is one, there'll be a random "door prize" that a non-winner can win.

The Posters, from the image above:

1st row (l-r): A Clockwork Orange, E.T., Jaws, Out of Sight, Titanic, Vertigo, Walk the Line, The Exorcist

2nd row: Rosemary's Baby, The Silence of the Lambs, Pulp Fiction, Straw Dogs, Fargo, Gigi, M*A*S*H, Dr. Strangelove

The Results:

Evan - 16
Joseph - 10
Scott - 9
Alex (Nic Cage) - 8
Rachel - 8
Ross - 8
Andrew - 8
Luke - 7
Gaylord - 4
Shannon - 3
Nick - 2

Some final comments:
* Everyone got Jaws.
* Everyone but Nick (sorry) got The Silence of the Lambs.
* Two of you guessed Dr. Strangelove for the Vertigo poster, but each failed to get the actual Dr. poster.
* Evan was the only one to get Out of Sight, Straw Dogs, and Dr. Strangelove. Only one other person got M*A*S*H (Alex) and Gigi (Joseph).

Stay tuned - if I get another good prize, you're bound to see another one of these (or something like it) in the near future. In the meantime, have fun with Stained Glass Cinema.

Evan, meanwhile, is so hooked on movie poster quizzes that he started a great one of his own. It's easy...and hard. I got 8/10 - how many can you get?

13 people have chosen wisely: on "The Great Movie Poster Piece Contest...winner!"

Jess said...

Fletch, The only one I knew was Gigi, though now I see quite a few of the others. ET, Jaws and Silence of the lambs should have been easy. Oh well, maybe next time.

Nick said...

Damnit! I actually *put* Silence of the Lambs, too! And then I took it off... because I couldn't see any bit of the moth around the mouth line of the snippet. That sucks. I so should have 3 if I wouldn't have second-guessed myself!

Fletch said...

Always go with your first instincts...

No worries, Jess. Interesting that you would have gotten Gigi where few others did, though.

Diesel said...

Sorry, I missed it. I think I'd have only gotten 6 anyway though.

Farzan said...

Cool game. Ill have to play next time

Rachel said...

I thought Clockwork was Thank You for Smoking. I originally (and hesitantly) put Cloverfield for Rosemary's Baby, but realized about an hour after I submitted it that I was way off. And
I thought Gigi was Breakfast at Tiffany's. The only reason I got Vertigo was because I had seen it the day before on the Empire movie poster quiz, so that was a freebie:)

Daniel G. said...

I'm calling shenanigans. Evan must have studied hundreds of posters as he was making his own quiz!

Actually I'm just bitter because I didn't play and I wanted an Applebee's Triple Play or whatever they're called.

WampaOne said...

Initially, I had Breafast at Tifannys on my list too...the eye was different though...

My list started very cool, btw, pasted all the pics on an excell file and started writing down titles beside them), then went to google stuff. I stopped several times at DVD stores and gawked at the covers...The fact I only got nine (presumed) for an entire week really bothered me and I eventually abandoned the whole thing. I can´t believe I didn´t get Clockwork Orange. Apart from that, there is no realistic way I could top 10 answers.

I am looking forward to my next chance of getting the Logan´s Run DVD...I will not fail.

Fletch said...

Did you submit an entry, Wampa?

You know...I could just send you the Logan's Run DVD...I have a small stack of DVDs that I've been trying to give away forever, but it always ends up in a situation like this where no one wins any of them. And considering your desire for it...

Or would you prefer to win it and feel accomplished? ;)

Ok, I'll have another one again sometime, complete with my lessons learned (make it easier, give more prizes aka incentive to try). I think there will be a minimum # of entries, too, just to be safe.

Evan Derrick said...

Oh no Daniel, I did my poster contest way after I completed Fletch's. He partially inspired me.

As to how long it took.... well, I had some free time at work, and it certainly wasn't less than an hour. Seriously, some of those were bears to find, although I got about 10 without having to do any extra work.

WampaOne said...

I never submitted mine Fletch. I saw people saying they had 11 already within hours of your post...after a week, my 9 answers seemed rather mediocred so I just gave up. I saved my notes so I could check the answers though.

Put Logan up for a contest, it will make me feel better about it since you'll have to ship that thing internationally.

Fletch said...

Good deal, Wampa. I'll think of something for a contest and make sure it gets given out.

elgringo said...

Third place? Awesome!
This is a great contest!