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Sep 4, 2008

CAGEFEST - It's coming!

Fletch running a Nic Cage Film Festival? Blasphemy, eh? If you know me or are at all familiar with Blog Cabins, you know that I'm not shy about my distaste for Nic Cage. Well, I'm about to give the man a fair shake, but to do so, I had to get some help..

In honor of the release of the wildly appealing and interesting Bangkok Dangerous, Blog Cabins will be home to the Nicolas Cage Film Festival. The blog-a-thon will start Monday and will "celebrate" the man's career, with myself and other bloggers contributing a PRO or a CON position on one of his films. I selected a cross-section of his filmography that spans from Peggy Sue Got Married to Ghost Rider - a grouping that I hope and think is representative of all that he stands for.

Taking part in the festivities (in no particular order): Nayana from The Center Seat, Luke from MovieZeal, NFLAdam from The Hater Nation, Caitlin from 1,416 and Counting..., Whitney from Dear Jesus, Ibetolis from Film for the Soul, Graham from Movies et al, Joseph from Cinexcellence, Wayne from Reel Whore, Daniel from Getafilm, Paul from Careful with That Blog, Eugene, Jess from Insight Into Entertainment, Pat from Doodad Kind of Town, Rachel from Rachel's Reel Reviews, Gaylord (guest poster here), J.D. from Radiator Heaven, and Jose from The World's Best Films...and possibly even some others.

Here are the films to be broken down (alpha order):

City of Angels
Con Air
Ghost Rider
Leaving Las Vegas
National Treasure
Peggy Sue Got Married
Raising Arizona
The Rock
Wild at Heart

So get ready. 'Cause next week, Blog Cabins becomes Cage Central for the interwebs. Screw the Eagles Reunion Tour - this is really hell freezing over.

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Fletch. I kind of dropped the ball in responding to your original post announcing this blog-a-thon. But, if you'd like a post on MATCHSTICK MEN, I'd be more than happy to contribute.

Fletch said...

Hey Joseph - no worries. Actually, Matchstick Men got taken out of the festival, but I do have a few open spots available, for either PRO Leaving Las Vegas or CON Raising Arizona.

Let me know if you're interested in either. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

you must have Adaptation. He's awesome in that movie.

Nick said...

Sorry, Fletch, but I agree with anon. You can't have a Nic Cage blog-a-thon without Adaptation. It's easily his best film, hands down. It's almost blasphemy.

Fletch said...

Here's how it worked: I sent out the call for contributions to a number of people (yourself included, Nick). I asked them to give me 3 possible positions, with at least one PRO and one CON from a list of 15 Cage flicks (including Adaptation)

Of all the ones I got back, no one chose either position for Adaptation. So it (and Moonstruck and a few others) got nixed.

Daniel G. said...

Just so you know, I will get this done...

tommy salami said...

I don't see Bringing Out the Dead on there either- it should not be overlooked, if you want a review I will rewatch it this week.

Too bad Vampire's Kiss isn't here, that was a lot of fun :)

Fletch said...

Tommy, I started with 15 films (though still, neither Bringing nor Vampire were on there), but had to trim. I do have a couple spots open if you're interested, though - I'd love to have you do one:

CON Raising Arizona
CON The Rock

Anonymous said...


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