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Jul 28, 2008

Just who the hell says "Banquet" these days anyway?

If you listen to the radio much at all, there's a good chance you've heard Sam Elliott droning on and on about how Coors, born and bred from steely water in the Rocky Mountains by honest-to-God fart loving Americans and moose, is the "banquet beer." Now, it may well have been called the banquet beer for decades, but who has ever called it that, and who's going to start calling it that now, just because Cowboy Sam says so? I dare you to walk into your local bar and say "Give me a banquet" - you're liable to get a few strange looks, I'd imagine, and possibly your ass kicked from folks that think you're asking them for a date.

Don't get me wrong, I love Sam. But I just can't take any more of him telling me about the Whatever Family and how they're been selling hops or some sh*t to Coors (the banquet beer, by the way) for the past 178 years.

However, this video, apparently from a Coors Employee pep rally, is awesome. I'm ready to have a big ol' party or shindig just to celebrate its awesomeness. Sorry, I meant banquet.

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Big Mike Mendez said...

I'm sure they'll be bought out by a Belgium conglomerate in a few weeks.

Adam Ross said...

I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING this weekend! Was there a time when banquets chose only the highest grade food and beverages? I'm picturing some caterer admonishing a young employee for buying an un-banquet beer:

"Hamms? Son what the hell are you thinking? This is a fucking banquet, not some grab-ass pool party!"

It's like when GMC had the tagline "We are professional grade." Um, I should hope so, isn't that the point?

Fletch said...

Adam - check out the new name of this site (title bar of your browser). :D

Adam Ross said...

Hahaha -- perfect!

Dead Pan said...

I'll have you know Sam Elliots word is gospel to me...no matter whether he was payed large sums of money to say something that no one in their right mind would say I still hold hard and true to the words of Mr. Elliot.

Fletch, I am disappointed you do not share my adoration for such a man's man.

ps. this post is totally lawl.

Dead Pan said...

oh yea, and I know you have a disdain for films of the olden times but if you have a chance, vote on my new poll. =)

Fletch said...

Deadpan...have yourself a banquet. Tell 'em The Stranger sent ya.