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Jul 21, 2008

Coming soon...er, later: Tardy Week

Hitting Blog Cabins this week:

* A mini-review of Hancock. Which I saw almost a week ago. Success - tardiness on multiple fronts!

* A review and/or thoughts on The Dark Knight. Yeah, I saw it (Friday afternoon), but I want to see it again prior to posting my review. At 2 1/2 hours, I need another go around to take it all in. Also, there have been roughly 65 billion reviews posted in the last 3 days, and I'd like mine to stand out a bit (as if that's possible). What better way than being late to the party?

* Movies et al hosts a feature called Film Ignorance in which they try to edumacate themselves on some classics from yesteryear that so many people like you just keep screaming at them to see. I certainly know that feeling, and after seeing it hit #3 on the LAMB's countdown on the all-time Top 10 comedies, I figured it was high time I saw Dr. Strangelove. I did, and my entry in this feature will hit both sites later this week.

* This won't be late, but perhaps another FF-UN (that's Familiar Face - Unknown Name to you noobs around these parts). I'd like to make this a weekly feature, but damned if other post ideas and/or reviews don't keep getting in the way. Time for a ghost writer...

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Nayana Anthony said...

Fletch, your review for TDK probably won't be completely alone... Mine is coming. I'm just still trying to work out what to say about it.

Daniel G. said...

Funny how everyone is looking for a new angle on TDK. Goes to show how much can be taken from it. I myself have already had two go-rounds at it and barely skimmed the surface. But yeah, with the number of blogs that pop up every day at this moment in history, along with the number of people who saw it - could we be looking at the most reviewed/written about movie of all time?

Dead Pan said...

Can't wait for the TDK review and Dr. Stangelove analysis. =)

As for Hancock...I can see why you waited so long to write about it. It's hard to find something good to say about, at least for me it was.

Fox said...

Think of it this way... we will have lots and lots of Fletch content coming our way. Sometimes you gotta make your audience miss you a bit, y'know? :)

I'm anxious to see some reactions to The Dark Knight. I plan on getting out there sometimes this week.

Fletch said...

@ Nayana - it's been decided. We're gonna see TDK again on Friday. So...review this weekend or next week, perhaps.

@ Daniel - yea, I struggle with this feeling for every blockbuster. No offense to anyone, but the last thing I want to do after a movie like this comes out is read 30 different reviews of it. 4 or 5 - sure. I figure the same goes for anyone coming here. Of course, (!) I have been wrong before.

@ Dead Pan - gracias. I can't wait to see what I come up with. ;) As for Hancock - should be coming soon.

@ Fox - did you know that if you don't see TDK by the end of today, it will leave all theaters, never to return? Better hurry.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Strangelove = my all time favorite movie.

Fletch said...

Well, anon...what can I say - you might not like what I have to say, in that case. Pre-sorry.