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Mar 21, 2008

TGITDNMAR (3/21/08)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

Unless Drillbit Taylor turns out to be a great movie, this has to be one of the worst weekends I've seen in some time. I have almost no interest in any of the movies listed below. How little? Let's see...

Drillbit Taylor
With this, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Pineapple Express, and god knows what else in the pipeline, combined with three productions in 2007 (I think), the Apatow brand is bordering on dilution and overuse. In the end, quality trumps all, and if 8 out of 10 movies are good-very good, then people won't care, but generally overexposure is a bad thing, as the public loves nothing more than building someone up, only to bust them up once they reach the top (see my satiric Ellen Page post from a few weeks ago as an example). As for this particular film, the quality doesn't look all that high, and people might still be a little queasy watching Wilson considering his recent past, but looking at what else is out this week...
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 61%

The Hammer
I'm not really one for boxing movies (and Mrs. Fletch is really not one for any sports movies), but I'm a big Adam Carolla fan (and his buddy Oswaldo), and I'm thrilled to see IMDb report that this is getting pretty good reviews (it's current rating there is 6.8/10 based on just over 200 votes). The plot is highly implausible (40-year old boxing wannabe gets a chance for some glory), but it's almost besides the point, as the appeal is mostly squarely on Carolla's shoulders - either you like him or you don't. I do.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 28%

The Ring with pictures substituted for video. Really - does anyone want to see this? I just feel a little (but not much) bad for Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek), who I think has the potential to be an appealing actor. This is not a good sign for his career.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 0%

Meet the Browns
That Tyler Perry - such a cad. I don't begrudge the guy his success, but I just have no desire at all to see his movies. Wish I had more to say here, but I just don't.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 1%

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Nick said...

Just saw Drillbit. Review coming shortly.

Dave said...

This does look like a disappointing weekend for movies. I guess it comes at a convenient time for me though with the baby and all. I am not sure when we will be able to get back in the theaters.

Caitlin said...

Shutter looks depressing and disappointing. I think the only one I'll actually see out of all of these is Drillbit Taylor.

luke h. said...

Funny story: I went to see Shutter, just to review it for MovieZeal...the film was broken, so they canceled the showing and gave us free tickets and our money back. I came back two hours later to see it for real. Of course the same girl was selling tickets.

It was embarrassing to buy a ticket for it once, but it was mortifying to have to buy one twice. It almost made me rethink my determination to review a new release every week.

Resultant review here, though I'll admit there's nothing particularly surprising in it. :)

Mason said...

Great blog. You don't mention the original, and I hesitate to assume you hadn't, but if you haven't seen it, it's actually good.