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Feb 21, 2008

There Will Be No Atonement for Michael "Juno" Clayton

Much to my own chagrin (if that's possible), but to the for-sure delight of my family, who is out to get me in our annual Oscar pool, I present to you my picks (Wills and Want tos) for this year's Academy Awards. I reserve the right to change my mind on some of these prior to Oscar night. Then again, maybe I'm just posting this to throw them off (and it's not like I'll be able to remember my picks for the short subjects, anyway...)?

CategoryWill winWant to Win
Best PictureNo Country for Old MenThere Will Be Blood
Best DirectorJoel and Ethan CoenPaul Thomas Anderson
Best ActorDaniel Day-LewisDaniel Day-Lewis
Best ActressJulie ChristieLaura Linney
Best Supporting ActorJavier BardemJavier Bardem
Best Supporting ActressCate BlanchettCate Blanchett
Best Original ScreenplayJunoJuno
Best Adapted ScreenplayNo Country for Old MenThere Will Be Blood
Best Foreign FilmKatyn??? (haven't seen one)
Best Documentary FeatureNo End in Sight??? (have seen only one)
Best Art DirectionThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be Blood
Best Costume DesignSweeney ToddAcross the Universe
Best MakeupPirates of the Carribean...Pirates of the Carribean...
Best Sound EditingThere Will Be BloodThere Will Be lood
Best Sound MixingThe Bourne Ultimatumdon't care
Best Visual EffectsPirates of the Carribean...The Golden Compass
Best Original Song''That's How You Know,'' Enchanted''Falling Slowly,'' Once
Best Original ScoreAtonementAtonement
Best Documentary ShortLa Corona (The Crown) (?)???
Best Live Action ShortLe Mozart des Pickpockets (?)???
Best Animated ShortMy Love (Moya Lyubov) (?)???
Best EditingThe Bourne UltimatumThe Bourne Ultimatum
Best CinematographyNo Country for Old MenNo Country for Old Men
Best Animated FeatureRatatouillePersepolis

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Nick said...

The only one I'd adamantly disagree with is Cinematography. If No Country beats over Jesse James, the Oscar people don't deserve to watch movies.

Jesse James *was* cinematography, purely.

Anonymous said...

No Country for Old Men has certainly caught on to the award fever.

Check out this UCBcomedy.com parody of their trailers:


brian said...

We get it, you love 'There Will Be Blood'. I loved it too, but thought 'No Country...' was still better. However, it's kinda ridiculous to think it should win for best adapted screenplay. 'No Country' is an exquisite adaptation, while 'There Will Be Blood' drops nearly everything from it's source book 'Oil'. It's merely a jumping off point. Nothing more, nothing less. Not really worthy even of a nomination.

Fletch said...

Obviously, we have differing thoughts on what's deserving - if No Country is as direct an adaptation as I've heard, then what's to reward? I'm of the opinion that the Original Screenplay award is many times more important and valid than Adapting, so I can't say that doing a word-for-word, literal adaptation really impresses me all that much. Anderson, meanwhile, took a base and turned it into something original. Far more deserving in my book.

Though I, like you, did like them both. Don't get me wrong there.

Anonymous said...

Viggo's performance in Eastern Promises has been, unfortunately, slighted by all reviewers. His was perfection, however because Daniel Day-Lewis is on the scene this year...his outstanding portrayal does not get the accolades it so richly deserves.

Fletch said...

Mom, I know that's you...

t j adams said...

what no love for transformers for special effects? i now the movie was total bay-town, but it did look amazing. i can't remember what's up for best original screenplay, but having seen juno and wished i hadn't i don't care what wins as long as it isn't that. no one should be allowed to make such 'please love me, i'm trying ever so hard to be cool' movies. how it got a best picture nom is completely beyond me.

Fletch said...

@ TJ - many of the effects in Transformers were pretty cool. Unfortunately, the fights were brutal in my opinion, as I (and many others) couldn't tell who was fighting who, much less who was winning. That's pretty bad.

As for Juno, it seems to be a pretty divisive movie. I don't want or expect it to take Best Pic, but I'm fine with the screenplay getting some love, and I enjoyed it, despite the too cool for school beginning. It's good and fun, but not in the same world as No Country or Blood.

Nayana Anthony said...

Fletch, you did about as well as me. That's not saying much... Captain Crash closed his eyes and pointed at the ballot, and he did better than I did.