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Feb 29, 2008

TGITDNMAR (2/29/08)

It's that time again for TGITDNMAR, which (obviously) stands for Thank God It's The Day New Movies Are Released.

Damn you, leap year. Damn you straight to 2012! Just what movie fans needed - another week of February releases. Actually, this weekend's slate isn't all that bad - just think, last year at this time we had Ghost Rider and Wild Hogs. Suddenly, I feel much better.

The Other Boleyn Girl
Ladies, crucify me if you must, but I've got to say this right up front: it's a crime against humanity that a romantic thriller starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson is rated PG-13 and features no nudity. If Kathy Bates and a 60-year old Diane Keaton can do it, why can't a pair of nubile young actresses follow suit? I'm sure Eric Bana wouldn't have a problem joining in on the clothes-shedding for the ladies out there. Am I asking too much?

Anyway, the movie. Taking the above comments out of the equation, I can't say that this looks all that thrilling, especially considering that Showtime has a TV series that's been running for the past year about Henry VIII. How much is there to this tale?
Fletch's Chance of Viewing (in the theater): 20%

Speaking of last year around this time...a little sports movie featuring a boisterous, obnoxious, loud Will Ferrell was released - sound familiar? I actually don't have a problem with Ferrell doing these movies over and over (yet); no one expected Blades of Glory to be any good, but it was decent. Semi-Pro comes with a little higher expectations, especially with Woody Harrelson around to give us shades of Kingpin as a washed-up NBA baller slumming it in the ABA. Throw in a super-solid supporting cast, including Will Arnett, Maura Tierney, Andy Richter, Andre Benjamin and more, and you've got the makings of a potential winner. Oh, and ladies - this one is rated R, so you just might get lucky and see some Ferrell ass. Don't say you weren't hoping for that.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 73%

If I were a 50-year old woman, I'd be all over this. Great actresses all around (Allen, Bates, Lange, Christine Baranski), and even Viper himself drops by (Tom Skerritt, for those of you that don't recall Top Gun). But clearly, this flick is not aimed at my demographic. Bonus trivia for no reason: the premiere for this movie was held here in Scottsdale last week, which has to be the first time a national movie(meaning, not made by and/or starring locals) did that.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 3%

Surprisingly, this has garnered decent reviews thus far. Mrs. Fletch is up for it, but I can't say I'm all that interested in seeing a pig-nosed Christina Ricci play kissy-foot with James McAvoy for two hours. Then again, we have a Peter Dinklage sighting, and that's always a good sign. Consider me torn.
Fletch's Chance of Viewing: 50%

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Nick said...

I agree with you 150% on the comments about The Other Boleyn Girl and how Johansson and Portman won't shed some clothes.

Unfortunately, it didn't come to my town... and I have no idea WHY... so the only movie that really graced us was Semi-Pro. We also got a very much late The Great Debaters...

So I went and saw Charlie Bartlett.

Mrs. Thuro said...

TGFTLIMT which (obviously) stands for Thank God for the Local Independent Movie Theater.

All of these releases are rentals at best, if they even make it that far in my Netflix queue.

Mrs. Thuro said...
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Jason Soto said...

I was gonna ask if "Ghost Rider" was really that bad, then I remember you hate Nic Cage, so nevermind.

Maybe Michael Bay had a hand in making that Boleyn movie. Only explaination I can come up with.

BostonSucksMyBlog said...

yeah, thank god the Ferrell movie is R. So done with watered down PG13 crap

soundtrackgeek said...

What!? No nudity!? Oh well, I still want to go see The Other Boleyn Girl because I love the TV Series The Tudors (Which has a lot of nudity by the way). The story is just a great one. They sure knew how to make intrigues back in the (really) old days.

Daniel G. said...

I think my main problem with Boleyn is not the nudity but the fact that none of the three principals can carry a British accent. How hard would it have been to find three Brits to get in on this?

Semi-Pro, very interesting - I did not realize it was rated R. I'm definitely seeing it, but I guess is it will feature mostly male nudity, like Dewey Cox. Ugh.

Dave said...

I am not sure I share your enthusiasm for Semi-Pro even though I am sure that it will be worth a few laughs. I am ready to see Will Ferrell do some more serious movies. I could be good, but I guess I can live with a stupid comedy each year if that is all he feels he is capable of.

The Other Boleyn Girl looks interesting, but you are right. How could there be much to this story; especially after the preview. I feel like I already know everything about the movie. Also, it looks like Natalie is still playing the shy girl after her clothes shedding in Hotel Chevalier.

James said...

Just saw the Boleyn movie and it was so so. I mostly liked it because I'm a history buff.

But my wife said that it's totally different from the book and since she read the book first she was quite disappointed in the movie.

I'm really looking forward to Kevin Spacey in, "21."

Nayana Anthony said...

I know there's a lot of Henry VIII stuff out there right now, and I know it got iffy reviews, but I'm still gonna need to see The Other Boleyn Girl... I loved the book. Although James' post is giving me serious pause.

DCMovieGirl said...

If you've got a little girl, TAKE HER to see Penelope...Heck take the wife, I guarantee they'll love this cute whimsical flick.

Has a decent message too.

Cairo said...

I'm thinking that the 50+ appeal of Bonneville may be why they had the premiere in Scottsdale since there are so many retirees in AZ. :o)

Fletch said...

@ Jason - I wouldn't know if Ghost Rider is really that bad, but I can add, and Nic Cage + flaming skull = effing awful.

@ Daniel G. - I can't speak for Bana's Brit accent (or lack thereof), but I can agree on Scarlett and disagree on Natalie - I thought she did a fine job in V for Vendetta.

@ Dave - I wouldn't go so far to say I'm enthusiastic about Semi-Pro, but I can say that I enjoy the Farrell sports comedies despite their repetition.

@ James - 21 looks interesting. I hope it's a complement to Rounders and not tired/cliched/hokey. Spacey and Fishburne definitely lend some credibility, though not a ton (each has their fair share of bad decisions).

@ DC Girl - okay, I'll take your word. Mrs. Fletch thanks you.

@ Cairo - a valid point, though if that was really the case, they should have held it in Sun City, which really has all the retirees, and is a long drive from Scottsdale (30 miles or so to that particular theater).