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Jan 2, 2008

Feed me, Seymour!

As much as I don't like giving away a future post topic (because I just know that there are hundreds of people waiting to steal this not-so-original idea), I'm only one man and I have a need for completeness.

In case you're wondering what I'm blabbing about, I'm putting together a list of the 20 best movie characters of the last 20 years (1988-present) and I'm seeking your input. Define "best" however you like - most memorable, best performance given, scariest, funniest, whatever - I think the ultimate criteria is as simple as "when I say the best character, who immediately pops into your head?"

I have compiled a lengthy list as is, and I've asked this question from a few around me, but I want to be sure no one whom I feel should be there is left out. I'd prefer if you would email me your suggestions for this one, but comment if you must. Thanks in advance. I plan on posting the "results" sometime in the next two weeks.

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soundtrackgeek said...

Great idea! I will mail you a few suggestions.

WampaOne said...

Fletch, I sent some suggestions. MTFBWY

Nick said...

ha! I love Little Shop of Horrors. I grew up watching that movie millions of times.

Anyway, I'll be sending some suggestions in email.