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Oct 23, 2007

Familiar Face, Unknown Name #1 - Taylor Negron

Call them what you want - character actors, "That Guy(s)," scene stealers - I don't care. Not long ago, I did a feature on some of my favorite current iterations of these people (the guy who played Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball aka Alan Tudyk, that guy who played the "snozzberries" kid in Supertroopers aka Geoffrey Arend, etc.), but I wanted to create a regular feature where I spotlight one performer, whether they be longtime veterans on Hollywood (like J.K. Simmons or Barry Corbin) or a fresher face just making their way up the stardom ranks. I have an unconscious habit of mentally filing these people away in my brain and can recite their names/roles at a somewhat encyclopedic level, sometimes to the annoyance of friends or family. I can't help it - I like these people, and their inclusion in any movie or TV show typically makes it a better experience (who doesn't love Stephen Tobolowsky??). Now, I'm going to do my part to help the rest of the world get to know them as well.

Today's Familiar Face-Unknown Name:

Taylor Negron

Where You've Seen Him (high profile): played one of the main villains in The Last Boy Scout; as the bitter pizza delivery guy in Fast Times at Ridgemont High; doing odd jobs in Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer.

Where You've Seen Him (not-so-high profile): was Elaine's hairdresser in "The Smelly Car" episode of Seinfeld ("Tomato sauce"); played a snooty waiter in a recent episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm; has guested on just about every TV sitcom and drama over the last 15 years (ER, Nash Bridges, Reno 911, The Pretender, Party of Five, Grace Under Fire).

Character Specialties: Fey and/or slimy villains; quirky bit players; can pull off a variety of accents

Little Known Fact: Via Wikipedia: Negron runs a website at which, among other things, you can rent Negron's house in France. Also, he is the first cousin of Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night. He is of Puerto Rican and Jewish ancestry.

Personal Site: http://www.taylornegron.com/
On IMDb: http://imdb.com/name/nm0624510/

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Farmacy said...

Honestly, I have no idea who this guy is.

I did once play golf with legendary "That Guy" Kurt Fuller ( http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0298281/ )

Sheamus the... said...

Ha...I remember him from Angels in the Outfeild.

Fletch said...

@farmacy: No idea who he is? Have you not seen The Last Boy Scout or Fast Times? Or Better Off Dead?

I can't help you if you don't at least recognize him.

Kurt Fuller is a great that guy. I imagine most people (myself included) remember him most fondly form Wayne's World, but the guy's TV resume is unreal. If you need a guest star, he's your man.

David said...

Thanks for enlightening us. I had no idea who this guy was, but he did look familiar. I like the way you delve deeper into the less well known actors. Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I just reviewed 'Creepshow' and noted Hal Holbrook as one of those types of people...

The Film Reviews

Farmacy said...

I'm not sure i've seen Better off Dead, but I've seen the others, just not recently.

The only thing I knew Kurt from when I played golf with him was Wayne's World, and then I saw him on like 10 TV shows over the next few years.

joen05 said...

Hey, nice little feature you've got going on here! I like it. I know I've seen him somewhere that you didn't mention, but I can't put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Negron fucking sucks!He probably owns a Clay Aiken cd and lip syncs the words at traffic lights.Anyway he can mime so can monkeys and shit but can he act? fuck no!He doesn't play an arrogant gay guy he is an arrogant gay guy perhaps? code word for don't want to get sued.Take up heroin please like your cousin Chuck Negron and spare us from another performance fucking hack!no talent! While you are at it go and fondle Lucille Balls balls and get your money back from her corpse your acting/ comedy mentor?????? tell that to Fred fucking Mertz you cocksucker ha ha!