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Jul 19, 2007

Thursday's Things To Click On

To paraphrase an album cover from those Irish pixies of the 90s (The Cranberries), I must ask: everybody else is doing it, so why can't I?

It's true - a links post is highly unoriginal. Then again, that never stopped anyone else from doing it, either. I'm sure I can live with that knowledge. I imagine I'll keep mine mostly movie related, but if something strikes me as wildly important/funny/whatever, that could make the list, too. That's what happens when I makes the rules.

* A Guy, a Blog and a Photoshop gives us his take on the new Harry Potter film. Watch out for the polar bears.

* Kevin over at Pointless Banter loves chick flicks. Wait, maybe he just loves chicks. I get confused.

* Like things that blow up in movies? So do the Fat Guys over at Film School Rejects.

* NFL Adam found a way to squeeze in yet another Cannonball Run reference.

* This one is just for you, Wampa. (Hint: that means its Star Wars related.)

* Finally, Movie Poster Addict takes a look at some of the best posters from last year.

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WampaOne said...

Good stuff there Fletch. I am heading to the Empire feature. Just the kind of thing I was looking right now.

bee said...

Love the movie poster link - lots of favorites on there including Borat.