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Jul 23, 2007

The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!

Perhaps the analogy is a bit strong. After all, I doubt anyone is nearly as excited about the news as Navin Johnson was about receiving (and looking up his name in) his new phone book.

Nonetheless, in case you haven't heard, I thought you should know: after a 27 year wait, the black Caddyshack is finally here.

Who's Your Caddy stars Outkast's Big Boi as a rap mogul who attempts to join a "conservative country club" (read: old white dudes who passively hate young black dudes), but shockingly runs into some resistance from the board president.

First of all, nice to see that Big Boi is really stretching himself. I'm sure the role of rap mogul was one that required years of research and preparation. In other news, the board president is played by Jeffrey Jones. Whither Ed Rooney? For the folks out there into female ogling, Wild Things 2/The In Crowd star Susan Ward plays Jones' wife. I guess such an age difference isn't a big stretch for the bad behaving Jones.

Early reviews in the IMDb system had this ranked as a 3.7/10 (though the ratings are mysteriously gone now), with some commenting that this is "possibly the worst movie ever." I can't wait until it hits HBO. Ted Knight, meanwhile, must be harrumphing from his grave.

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