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Jun 25, 2007

Seven People to Avoid at the Movie Theater

Aside from giving movie reviews and opining on the random topic of the day, I'm here to provide a service to you the reader. As a rampant moviegoer, I must (obviously) enjoy the experience of going to the movies. That said, there are people (or groups of people) that serve as potential minefields to your experience. They are there to irritate you, frustrate you, pester you - whatever it takes to show you that they are passively-aggressively more important than you. So watch out for them...

* Hearing-aid Couple
Blog Cabins would never prejudge all senior citizens who attend the theater (at a discount, mind you). After all, many seniors have great hearing and are typically amongst the quietest in the building. Unfortunately, it only takes one half of a hearing-impaired couple for them both to drive you nuts. This is because the spouse with the better hearing of the two ends up serving as a closed-captioning service to the hearing impaired. "What'd they say?," says one, with the other recapping the action onscreen. Folks, they have headphones available at the counters of many theaters. They also have open captioning at many theaters. Look into it.

* 300-Pound Man
In and of itself, being heavy is not a crime at the movies. But with the advent of rocking chair style seating, having a heavy-set fellow in the row in front of you will give you flashbacks to your latest airplane trip. It should be noted also that it need not necessarily be all that heavy of a person in front of you to make you miserable; it could just be someone who enjoys rocking a bit too much or who purposefully sits way back in their seat. Buddy - I like my knees. Do you mind?

* The MST3K Fan
Hey, I love to kick back and make fun of the action as much as the next fellow - cracking wise at this or that, getting the folks around you going. But while this practice is encouraged when watching the tube with some buddies, it makes me want to shoot you at the theater. It's not your living room - shut your trap and keep your comments to yourself. Or at least whisper to those around you. No one else cares. (Note: this position is often held by persons under the age of 16, who most likely did not pay for their own ticket. Now I hate you and your parents.) Oh, and for those unaware - read up on MST3K here.

* The New Hire
At the local chain Mrs. Fletch and I attend 99% of the time, we are lucky. While almost all of the employees wear the same "tux without a jacket" uniform, the "team leaders" wear a black vest and the managers wear normal business attire. What's the point, you might ask? Well, when you're faced with concession roulette and the lines look even, it's much easier to pick a winner, as the leaders/managers (when they're running a register) are always much faster and better than their less experienced counterparts. New hires? I might as well make the popcorn myself.

* The Cell Phone Rule Pusher
"What do you want from me? It's not ringing?" Those are the words I can hear the Cell Phone Rule Pusher saying already. Tough. I don't care if your phone isn't ringing - turn it off the entire time you are in the theater! And no texting, either! While not necessarily as annoying as hearing someone's oh-so-charming ringtone with the movie running, seeing the bright backlight of their handset as it lights up the darkened theater is really close. It calls to my eyes like a beacon, and I know I'm not alone on this. Please - unless it's life or death, leave your phone in the car.

* The Sheep
The most baffling person/people at the movies. Yes, I understand the entire experience of moviegoing is not necessarily a private outing. I am voluntarily entering a dark room filled with upwards of 500 or so people. However, should the theater not be sold out, why are there people that will sit within two seats of me when the place is empty? I don't know you and I don't want to sit next to you if I have the choice. Before you ask - no, I don't sit in the middle (horizontally or vertically); I like to sit more towards the back of the theater and like an aisle seat on the left or right section. So I'm not exactly sitting in the most popular area - why do you choose to leech onto me? I may be good looking and interesting, but gimme a break!

* Me
Because I'm obviously an ornery sunavabitch. Proceed with caution.

Got someone (or some type of person) to add to the list? Email me at blogcabins@yahoo.com or post a comment below.

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Gaylord said...

Pretty good list Fletcher, those people who sit next to you are definitely the most annoying. Good stuff. I used to be one of those loud annoying people back when I was a punk kid... good times.

Anonymous said...


Fletch said...

Gay, why am I not surprised in the least? ;)

Glad to hear you've changed your ways.

Frank the Tank said...

I agree with the cell phone people most of all. The backlight is hugely annoying. If you bring in your cell phone on vibrate because the babysitter's home and you need to check if there's an emergency at home, fine. But, as soon as the outer screen shows it's the babysitter calling or texting you need to get up and leave immediately.

Six of the seven people you mentioned are reasons I rarely go to the theater anymore. I'll leave you to guess whether you're one of the six.

Fletch said...

How dare you, Frank? I know you love the old people!

Samela said...

Yes, oh blogger after my own heart. As I see it, it's time for Theatre Rage

joen05 said...

Great list man, I blog about the same kind of stuff. Feel free to stop on by, maybe we can exchange links?