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May 26, 2007

Premeditated Musings

Sure, this is out of character, and the idea of a ramblings or random collection of ideas has been run into the ground, but it's my damn site (apologies, Googlebots) and I'll do what I want.

Anyway, I had some random sporting thoughts I felt compelled to share. Indulge me:

* Do you suppose that professional athletes fight each other to be the first to enter (or last to leave) the clubhouse/locker room/gym/whatever? I picture guys stalking others' houses to see what time their alarm is set for in order to make sure that they are there first and/or letting the air out of others' tires.

I get this feeling because it seems as though every profile or article written about any athlete talks about what a hard worker said profilee is. How they are the first to enter the building and the last to leave. How they shoot an infinite number of free throws every day or take batting practice for 32 hours a day or play catch with their QB on nights, weekends and holidays in order to get more chemistry.

I call shenanigans.

* Pardon me if I sit out on the UFC vs. boxing "battle" currently going on. Does it matter? One fringe sport may topple another. Whoop-di-do. Sue me, but I'm bored by both of them. If I really wanted to watch men pummel each other (and I don't), I'd just watch WWE and at least get some entertainment value out of it (the women "wrestlers" wouldn't hurt to see, either).

* While we're on the topic of insignificant "sports," can we all stop pretending that we care about horse racing, even though it only pops up in the mainstream media 3 times a year? How would your life change if a horse won the fabled Triple Crown? How would anyone's, outside of the owner or trainer's? The only reason horse racing (or dog racing) exists in general is for its gambling purposes. I can't believe that there is anyone that would willingly watch the ponies on a regular basis just for the hell of it. Let's just stop the charade.

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BostonSucksMyBlog said...

im with you on UFC and boxing. who cares.

your wife said...

Right on, Fletch! Let's just stop watching all sports... I mean, what does it all really matter in the end?