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Apr 18, 2007

Stay for "The Credits"

Unless you're blind (and if you are, kudos to you for reading this site), you've probably already noticed the latest feature ("The Credits") that I've added to the Blog Cabins. Though there is hardly a need for any breaking-type news or other such nonsense, I wanted a place where I could post one-liners about upcoming posts, important things to see, upcoming events, off-the-wall nonsense, and, of course, the occasional Fletch quote. Hopefully, it's just 1/10 as fun for you as it is for me - I'll do my best to update it frequently.

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NFL Adam said...

Oh man, Gaylord's column should be pretty funny. I'm still undecided about which direction I want to go in.

WampaOne said...

Is it me or the credits take too long?. Speed them up Fletch, do you think I have all this time to waste? :mrgreen:

Those guests columns have great upside.

I heard from a friend that grindhouse will be playing in Brazil (and probably other parts of the world) separately, that is, each movie will be a separate feature, 3 months apart from each other, and both will have extra minutes added so they approach a normal feature film lenght. Thoughts? I think I will check out the Rose McGowan one.

Fletch said...

Get on the ball, Hater! Naw - take your time.

Wampa - it kind of depends on your computer (PC/Mac) and/or your browser. I've seen the credits on a few different arrangrements, and only one of them went slow, so I didn't one to make it too fast for the majority. Try another browser and let me know if you are getting the same thing.

Yeah, I heard about the Grindhouse splitting. The Weinsteins are just trying to salvage some more $$ from it, as they fear the running time is too long for our short-attention span society (> 3 hours).

I'll let you know - I'm seeing it tomorrow.