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Apr 25, 2007

(Insert bad pun here.)

Caught in a web of overexposure? Spinning webs of publicity? Spider infestation? Yea, they all suck.

Anyway, the point is, with summer's first big blockbuster less than two weeks away, have we heard too much about Spider-Man 3 to care at this point?

The ads on television are ubiquitous. On Yahoo! Movies, there are four trailers and a separate clip for it. On Apple's movie trailer site and on the film's homepage, there are no less than three, with the homepage having another six clips or so. IMDb lists the estimated budget at over $250,000,000.

The thing is, I don't really care how much money they've spent or how many times the trailer/commercial is played - I just don't want to see the whole damn movie before it is actually released in theaters! But with so many different versions, and with each version having to have different footage from the one before, you can't help but feel as though there are no surprises left. And who wants that?

Recently, Tom Roston wrote a great article for Premiere magazine that covers this same ground - I wish Spider-Man's producers had read it.

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