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Mar 15, 2007

I promise this is the last post about 300 (for the foreseeable future)

I can't ignore this story, and must post about it, if only others out there have yet to hear about it. So, in case you haven't heard, apparently, lots of Iranians are pissed off about 300. The full story is here.

It's hard to put yourself in the shoes of these people. On the surface, it appears as though they are just looking for an excuse to despise Americans. A more in-depth look either confirms that suspicion, or confirms that Iranians are ignorant about America's ignorance.

Anyone who has seen the skit on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" where Jay asks normal people on the street questions that they should know but don't (like, "How many oceans are there?") would have to assume that most Americans don't know that Iran was formerly called Persia. Similarly, the Time article mentions that 300 was released around the time of the Perisan new year, called "Norouz." I would wager that 97% of Americans have never even heard of this holiday (myself included).

Either way, the people who are getting outraged over a film adaptation of a 10 year old graphic novel about a 2500 year old war between Spartans (Greeks, not Americans, by the way...) and Persians (portrayed in the film as pretty much being "anyone from the Middle East/Asia") are obviously batshit crazy.

Get over it. And find something real to get pissed about. W, for instance...

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