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Mar 20, 2007

All Stainless Steel Rats will assemble at debarkation!

For those of you unaware of the phenomenon of hidden text in your spam messages, click here to read up a bit.

Back yet? Ok - now that you're all caught up (or still caught up, if you were already in the know), I have to share the message that I received today. Typically, these hidden messages are only a sentence or two, and rarely make much, if any, sense. Not so today, my friends. I got a full-blown noir/sci-fi story, and I find it somewhat fascinating. It reads like a dream in more ways than one. Ready for it? Ok, here it is:

"In the morning I had picked the lock on the control panel in the
snapped into a military brace.
must have done something pretty gruesome to deserve this fate. I
snoring forms. I shook my hands over my head.
I started to shout fight-but at the last instant called out
This is madness-Ill be dead?
here. Right?
Not really.
Forbidden! Impossible!
For the likes of mee-ee-e-e!
her, hands out and ready to strike.
came back.
I pulled my finger out of my ear, wiped the earwax off of it, stared
it would be. I shook off the dark feelings just one more time, looked
ran an exploration spacer. Male crew, endless years in space. It was
Now hear this. All Stainless Steel Rats will assemble at debarkation
Fatigue sat on me. I closed my eyes and took a lot more than ten. The"

Those are the line breaks that it came with. See what I mean about it reading like a dream? Even the ending isn't there! (Like most dreams.) I'm eagerly anticipating my next piece of spam from "Brittania Daniels." Oh, and just in case you were wondering, she/it was selling Viagra/Cialis/etc, and the subject of the email was "eihag refusa." Weird...

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Anonymous said...

And your rating is????

Fletch said...

"It's in the hole!"

That, or, considering the product they were hawking, "Mentally Aroused."