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Feb 18, 2007

I was wrong and America was right (apparently)

Despite my best anti-Nic Cage marketing efforts, Ghost Rider was the number one film in America this weekend, destroying all comers, en route to a $44.5 MILLION DOLLAR OPENING WEEK haul.

What am I missing here, people? Nicolas Cage? Ghost Rider?!? Are you that desperate to see a movie?

Look, I understand that February is the morgue of all movie months, but this is ridiculous. Breach, which I'm guessing is probably the best movie released this week, came in at number six, with less than $11 million.

I'm just wondering - did no one else see the warning signs from the Ghost Rider trailer?

  1. The presence of Peter Fonda selling his soul in a role that looks to be him playing the devil, ironically buying the soul of Cage's character.
  2. God love him, but Sam Elliott playing himself yet again.
  3. Nic Cage, age 43, dressing up as a dirtbike stunt rider at some point in the film.
  4. Nic Cage, period.
  5. Mark Steven Johnson, writer-director of Daredevil, and writer of Elektra, and Jack Frost.
  6. The awful special effects.
  7. The punny bad jokes.
I can't go on - I give up. Enjoy Wild Hogs, you bastards.


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McLean Stevenson said...

Permission for a flyby, sir? Negative ghost rider, that pattern is full.

You mean, that is not what that movie is about? Oh well, anything with Peter Fonda will automatically be good. Does he ride with the Black Widows in this one?

And yes, I will enjoy Hog Wild.

NFL Adam said...

Peter Fonda ruled in Cannonball Run.

Fletch said...

Holy shit! McLean, your comment about Fonda made me check out his bio , as the last "high profile" film of his that I could recall was "The Limey."

Guess what old Pete's next movie is? "Wild Hogs."

I'm stunned.

NFL Adam said...

Escape from LA. How could your forget that? He was the dude surfing with Snake. Great cameo.

Abe said...

Weird, I just checked IMDB and Easy Rider is the ONLY movie I've ever seen with Peter Fonda in it.

P.S. New IMDB design blows, at least until I get used to it. The whole thing was just a way to sneak in more and bigger ads without being obvious about it. Bastards.

Fletch said...

God, Escape from L.A was awful. But I do recall that scene. At least Peter gave us Bridget, right?

And yeah, Abe, the new design kinda sucks. It kind of looks better, but it's all too small and any excuse for more ads is bad, bad news. Bah. Oh well, it's still free.

NFL Adam said...

As long as it doesn't cost money to read IMDB they can put up the necessary ads.